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  2. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    kleinanzeigen means Classifieds as google translate told me :-) There are great deals btw. i got my CDP-LSA1 there for just 30 eur. + 25 for shipping
  3. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Hmmm he didn't seem to have much luck selling before. And does one have to join up? What is "kleinanzeigen"? (as opposed to real ebay)
  4. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    On German ebay there are great prices for Sony Lissa systems if somebody wants https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/sony-lissa-str-lsa1-anlage-receiver/891208760-172-20668
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  6. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    I printed it in 3D. Looks promising. It was printed using PETG filament. It works but a little bit too tight. I should do some changes to 3D solid.
  7. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    That didnt last long.... Ive just bought a MDLP deck. The JE440. Not the most feature packed, or newest, but I picked one up for a steal. Not Type S, but it still sounds fantastic. The SP deck I had had issues, plus it wasnt MDLP, which was a pain. Pulled out my old Sony amp (db 840) connected it all up, and it sounds fantastic! I wonder whats next on my journey into the past....
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  9. Seeking for good ones at xCode

    Little update. i started with Digital Link Manager for OS X - it is hard for me. :-D as i'm better as designer and not so fluent at coding... Still looking at someone to work with on this little project. :-) Starting with Units design which i'm done and building Application UI. Actual Lissa units are made in illustrator. Trying to put as many details as possible to make a nice app in final. hopefully... EDIT: (i think i need to get rid of Apple logo, to not couse some brand issue..)
  10. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    PhilippeC - Thanks for the link - very interesting to see
  11. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    I made 3D drawing of lever lock assy for 3D printing. (.stl file) Same is in MDS-JA333ES, MDS-JA555ES, MDS-JA20ES Lever lock assy Sony MDS-JA333ES.stl
  12. Unplayable OMG files

    i don't have protected OMG to test it out, so i do not know it is working or not. :-( (maybe "whynothot2" can send me one of his OMG, so i can test)
  13. Unplayable OMG files

    Please tell us more about these executables. I think it's highly unlikely any of them is other than a wrapper around AVLib or FFMpeg (which is what VLC is). Cosmo, surely in this day and age you know better than to put links to random executables that might destroy people's computers. TILT!
  14. Seeking for good ones at xCode

    Hi, i`m not good at coding, so maybe here are some great guys who are fluent in coding. My idea is to port or disassemble some Sony Software and remake it in new style for OS X I got somewhere source code for xCode for NetMD. - that i think is not so hard to complite it with little bit of adjustments - Design, etc... There is SourceCode for NetMD: http://www.sorted.org/Xmd/#Download I started with design and made a simple NetMD logo for application and folder looks. Also "Digital Link Manager For Lissa" - this i think is harder. Need disassembly and complete rewrite in xCode. Maybe we can handle it? :-)
  15. [WTB] Remote control For Sony Lissa "RM-LSA1C"

    Ou, i think this is little bit too high. :-) i think i can pay for it no more than 25 € 60 € i think is way too much.
  16. [WTB] Remote control For Sony Lissa "RM-LSA1C"

    Wonder if the price is reasonable for you? https://www.springair.de/de/sony-rm-lsa1c-fernbedienung/h60249
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  18. I'm searching for RM-LSA1C remote control from Sony Lissa CDP-LSA1 CD Player. i'm will appreciate to buy one for reasonable price.
  19. [WTB] Remote Control RM-D19M/RM-D17M

    If you still looking for RM-D19M? https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/original-sony-rm-d19m-fernbedienung-remote-control-253744298/
  20. Unplayable OMG files

    Oh dear, SS V.2 I bet you have no chance. Should have exported them to WAV if they were original recordings (I know that's no comfort) whilst you still could. My comments (and knowledge) apply only to later versions of SS, specifically V 4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sony Shared\OpenMG\OMGRIGHT and C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sony Shared\OpenMG\procfile The OMG/SS database stuff is at C:\ProgramData\Sony Corporation\SonicStage However the only time anyone ever reported doing something with these was copying the backup versions to the current ones. Those are kept somewhere else. If you are really going to solve this, you will need to know all about EKBs. There's a paper somewhere. Each device type is a leaf on the Sony Btree, if I recall. But first you would have to figure out the conversion, and you likely cannot do that until after you decrypted something. Catch-22! You'll need access to the source to ffmpeg (AVLib) and QHiMDTransfer. If they are really valuable, try writing to Sony. If you have the original discs, then is a lot better. Perhaps the best chance is to rebuild a copy of XP around the contents of your hard disk.
  21. Unplayable OMG files

    What are the names of these files and where are they installed? I can still access a full backup of the disc and go thru the system files
  22. Unplayable OMG files

    They don't play in VLC. When I try to play the file in ffplay I get the error : [oma @ 0000000000400600] Format oma detected only with low score of 1, misdetection possible! [oma @ 0000000000400600] Couldn't find the EA3 header ! g:\testfile.omg: Invalid data found when processing input The files were made by SS ver
  23. Unplayable OMG files

    They should play just fine in VLC. I didn't know that files ending in ".omg" were ever made by recent versions of Sonic Stage (what version did you use?). Perhaps it is as simple as renaming them to ".oma"? There are some files which are stored on the same hard disk you extracted the music files from. These files are the keys for the rights system as it pertains to the Windows install that died. I'm not sure they are any use to you, but you might want to hang on to that disk for a while yet. You should, with some study, be able to batch-convert the music files using ffmpeg.
  24. Sony Lissa STR-LSA1 question (MDS-LSA1)

    Hi and congratulations! First of all, you need Digital Link Manager For Lissa i uploaded it here (This is latest version 2.0) https://files.fm/u/apag6x3p SonicStage not work with Lissa system - as i know. But install properly Digital Link Manager is a chalange, I got it to work only on Windows XP - i tryed on Win7 but without luck. There are also driver hell and how to attach them to lissa it work manually i have somewhere a tutorial how to do it. and last, you need to wire iLink cables properly. iLink cable from STR-LSA1 To CD and from CD to MiniDisc then connect Firewire from other iLink port on STR-LSA1 to PC Ok, i find my tutorial there it is: https://us.community.sony.com/s/question/0D50B00004PQidSSAT/sony-lissa-and-windows-xp-windows-7-avc-problem And this is how it looks in PC -> MD recording (Nice that it transfers Artist names too) just press SYNC and it transfer automatic. Fortunately realtime.
  25. Unplayable OMG files

    The files were recorded with a Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH900. The laptop I originally downloaded them to has died, but I have recovered the files. All the recordings were originally downloaded from the Minidisc as OMG files. I have tried to play them on several computers, running XP thru Win7, with several versions of Sonic Stage, but get the error 'Cannot load rights information for selected file'. I have tried OMG2OMA, but it says it doesn't work with Hi-MD tracks (which mine are), and doesn't work. Just gives me a log file of failures. So I have a lot of OMG files that I cannot play. Any help appreciated
  26. Unplayable OMG files

    Your question is way too general. We need details. PS. there's a program omg2oma.exe which comes with a new SonicStage install.
  27. Unplayable OMG files

    How do I play DRM protected OMG files? I have a load of recordings of my own band, but didn't back then up thru SS, and now have a load of files I can't play. The PC I used originally long since died. I know that FFMPEG and VLC player are supposed to play OMA files, but what about OMG? Don't seem to be able to recover these anywhere
  28. Hey , a New Video & Movie https://youtu.be/irc1kbv41nw Short Video … Net MD WIN 10 64 bit Driver install Have A Good Time Gruß Oktave
  29. [WTB]: Hi-MD Minidisc Player Case

    I just found one on eBay. Should be here next Tuesday.
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