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  2. Gracenote, M-Crew 32-bits

    hi all I have the same problem anyone found a fix yet I know I could rip cds with exact audio copy then import them into sonic stage but don't see why I should have to looks like the problem is with gracenote. just thought I would give people an alternative. if anyone wants a full guide for using Exact Audio Copy Then I Can Provide. cheers, Lrp55
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  4. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    No but right now I don't need any unit. It was just an information. I go to France in june and will bring back in Vietnam maybe 1500+ MD blanks ! My limit : 2 x 23 kg in the plane, around 2/3of all (all = with shelves). Thanks to Sergio Scoto From Antoine (french)
  5. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    ... and consequently a bit overpriced. Did you check Yahoo Jp?
  6. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    I mean only coming from USA...
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  8. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    Why? The item I looked at was on eBay with willingness to ship worldwide.
  9. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/electronics/sony-walkman/auctions?sort=mostWatched I suppose this is for USA only... poor me
  10. Gracenote, M-Crew 32-bits

    Interesting: it looks as if Windows Media Player interacts with Gracenote just fine. It just found the CD I had tried to load in SS. So where is the problem? Aha... finally got this error out of SS
  11. Hi, thanks a lot for your comments andĀ appreciation of my art. I am sending you a copy of some work.

    John Coltrane.jpg

  12. They double the data rate intermally for the copy, I believe. But it can only be transmitted internally. Not possible with the standard 44.1 sampling frequency of optical (TOSlink) transmission.
  13. In many topics, we can read that it is only possible to have a real SP quality (292 kbps) if the recording is done in real time. But WHAT about all those 2x and more copies done with a boombox or a bookshelf ? Is it a false SP ?
  14. To add 2 seconds between tracks (and most of the times adding tracks on the MD which you will need to delete one by one or faster with Sonic Stage using an Net-MD connection) with foobar2000, use the plugin < foo_dsp_silence >. I have found a similar function in JRiver Media Center (maybe the free sotware jRiver Media Jukebox have it too) but for a recording, the player need to be simple ans JRiver is NOT simple....
  15. I just played the video. You only need one .inf file (if 32 bits then NETMD052.inf, if 64 bits then NETMD760.inf) There may be an issue with UNinstalling some other inf files depending on what the installer did. Most importantly, you have to disable driver signature enforcement (temporarily) in Windows. This can be done by rebooting in a special way (as it is hard to hit f8 at the right time during Windows 10 boot sequence). It's well documented here.
  16. It's going to wait the prescribed number of seconds before dividing the track, I think. If the signal hasn't dropped by the time you press start on the media player then you will get two tracks merged into one. Once the signal drops then you get a track mark. It's at the best of times an iffy process. I think some of the folks here have worked out a special add on to Foobar2000 to play two seconds of silence at the end of each track to accomplish what you want.
  17. Hi yes i am getting two tracks joined up and a number of tracks not sync-recording properly, when i press stop on the MD and start playing the media player again it goes to next track number or if im sync-recording it pretty much does both of the same 01 03 05 or two tracks joined up ? If i press stop on the media player the MD starts flashing digital waiting for music input to record when it's sync-recording the tracks it's doing the following 01 03 05 07 09?
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  19. Guide to getting your Net MD Walkman working on Windows 10

    The youtube links are not there and there are several other issues including only one .inf file in step 3.4.
  20. Help! Anyone have access to an MDS-E10 Pro Deck??

    Thanks guys, interesting... I'll have a play with the settings when I get a few moments after our run of shows is finished in a couple of weeks.
  21. Gracenote, M-Crew 32-bits

    That's truly weird. Almost like a certificate ran out. The interesting thing (to me) is that the Gracenote popup occurred in the usual way, so it's (probably?) connecting. So far I have yet to find a counter-example (maybe another day!). ITunes absolutely depends on Gracenote (irony, since until a couple of years ago it was actually owned by Sony), so the possibility exists that the new owners (Nielsen) either knowingly or unknowingly jettisoned compatibility with any vendor who's not paying their fees. We first need someone who is an iTunes user to verify that it's working with a "brand new" (to them) CD that's never been introduced to their iDevice. If not then probably just a glitch, or bad guys have taken the server out. I do recall when the over-the-air EPG stopped working for TV. The numeric codes for every show used to be reproduced in the TV listings in the newspapers, and TiVO and many other products relied on that service, which was summarily withdrawn about 4 years ago IIRC. Maybe this is the same, though a quick check online doesn't indicate anything like that for Gracenote. Of course - if Gracenote is gone, then so is my need for M-Crew on a real machine. Anyone have experience tweaking Apple devices to get the names out of iTunes?
  22. Gracenote, M-Crew 32-bits

    Hello Stephen, I know nothing about M-Crew but I saw your remarks about CD's and GraceNote. A few days ago I tried to import some CD's into SS and I saw that GraceNote was called but no data was imported. I tried CD Info on some albums where CD Info always returned data and now I get the message no track info found. I tried to import CD's already in SS and GraceNote always could find the data for , but now nothing happens and I can see the logo of GraceNote but nothing is found. I use SS on Windows 10 32-bits. I think GraceNote cannot communicate with SS any longer. Jan
  23. Gracenote, M-Crew 32-bits

    Hello everyone, it is rare for me to start a topic but here goes. I was recently forced to retire the machine on which I ran M-Crew successfully, and edited all my sound files. It was a venerable XP machine that worked like a champ until one day the fan died. It's gone despite all attempts to revive it. I have since purchased a refurbished machine that will do everything I need, Windows 7/64, and it works perfectly. EXCEPT for M-Crew. I have that running in a Windows XP virtual mode session, and it's inconvenient but it does work fine. However there are certain things that don't quite work in the virtual box. My question is this: has anyone gotten M-Crew to work on Windows 7, 32-bits? I can put up a machine that does that, but it will be a fair amount of work if at the end of it, it refuses to run because some coding by Sony restricted in ways I can only guess (hint: the problem has to do with CDs and GraceNote). I know for sure that the PCLK driver will never work in 64 bits, but I still don't know if M-Crew is blocked somehow because it's too low-level, in later versions of Windows. This is definitely the case for Simple Burner, it absolutely fails on all later versions of Windows at least in my limited experience. I would be so grateful to know this, because it would save me a bunch of time if I know it's still impossible. I found getting M-Crew going on virtual XP was an oddly unreliable process. Twice it told me that it couldn't install something from a remote session, then went right ahead and did it. Your experiences and thoughts would be most welcome, indeed treasured. Thanks Stephen
  24. Clarification: are you getting two tracks joined up on the MD? Or are you getting only half the music?
  25. Hi i have been recording using the PCLK-U5 usb digital audio convertor to my Sony MZ-N710, Im using the sync-record and im getting a track list in this order song 01 03 05 07 09 11 13 15 17 and so on, it is not sync-recording with track 01 02 03 04 05, I used windows media player, jet audio, audacity, and other media players but they all do the same recording with the tracks skipping a number ?
  26. [WTB] Remote Control RM-D19M/RM-D17M

    Hi MD enthusiasts, I am in search of the original remotes RM-D19M or RM-D17M. If you have one or know of anyone who has an extra of any these MD remote controls sitting around, please let me know. Thanks, fellas!
  27. [WTB]: Hi-MD Minidisc Player Case

    I have been a long-time browser of this site. I have been a minidisc user since 2004 with the purchase of the MZ-NF610, still my favorite NetMD model by far. One of the things I like most about minidiscs are the cases for the player--I have most of them and just need one to complete my collection. I am especially interested in the Hi-MD portable case (please see picture attached). Does anyone have one available for sale or know where I can purchase one? I would prefer a new cases, but I am also willing to consider cases in like new condition. I am will entertain any reasonable offers and appreciate any responses! I am located in the US, but am willing to pay for international shipping. Thanks, Dynamicdrew
  28. Clone MD > MD

    20lbs is getting up there, but I there exist heavier (probably the 555ES takes the cake at 15.3kg but I have not done an exhaustive check). BTW there is a choice of carriers - so far I always used SAL, if I recall. Fed Ex or UPS will likely be expensive, but DHL sometimes has a cheaper international rate (I speak generally, nothing to do with Buyee).
  29. It's for making prerecorded (CD) disks. Probably the 4th (impossible) combination.
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