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  2. What exactly happens when an MD deck is being used as a DAC and receives a digital signal? For example, if you take optical out from one MD deck and feed it to optical in of another. Does ATRAC become involved? I'm not that great at schematics, but I looked at the SM for MDS-JA20ES and it does look like all digital in gets routed through the ATRAC chip. It seems unlikely that an already decoded signal would be decoded/processed again, but....does anyone know?
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  4. There are a couple listed here: But they only seem to provide optical out for CD, not MD, playback (assuming the information posted is correct).
  5. What is the model number of the Onkyo with optical out? It's trivial to get Coax instead of optical, either by hacking or by an external converter for $20. Try the NW-S75x you will like them. They have noise cancelling built in. You can play using VLC or Sonic Stage or Windows media player or ...... Kind regards
  6. I did see Onkyo seems to have a desk model that support HiMD and has optical output. Personally, I prefer Co Ax output. I did see Tascam TEAC has an optical output on their deck, but they don't play HiMD, just MD see, I bought a Sony portable DAC, and I connect my portable CD player to it as I do my workout. The sound is great. So by listening to just the mini disc player to headphone, the sound is noticeably not as good. So I can't get all these files to my PC, as I mostly listen to these at the gym. As to the home use, I don't know how to play all these files eventhough if I copied them to the PC, at my DAC / speaker set
  7. That is right, no Hi-MD with an optical output. BUT I have read somewhere that somebody (was that you Stephen ?) hacked is MZ-RH1 and made an optical out.
  8. Absolutely no on all counts. The HiMD decks don't have optical or coax output. The HiMD portables do not have digital output of any kind. However, you don't need a HiMD device to get digital playback of ATRAC3+, the codec used in HiMD format. 1. You can hook the device to Sonic Stage and play it back through your PC using all-digital means 2. You can upload the tracks on your HiMD disks into the Sonic Stage library and play them on PC with no device connected. 3. Once you have the computer files on your PC, you can play them anywhere with VLC which understands the format perfectly. There are a few limitations, and some copy protection stuff but most of it you don't need to worry about. 4. You can load your ATRAC3+ files into some Sony devices with NO CONVERSION required and experience direct playback of the files. Examples, NW-ZX1, NW-F887, NW-S756. Even your LP4 files laboriously compiled on a standard MD can be played back this way, I do it every day with Bluetooth in my car.
  9. The only desktop Hi-MD player was by Onkyo for the Japanese domestic market.
  10. I am looking for portable HiMD player of any brand that has an Optical output. Is there such a thing? If not, is there a way to use the head phone out as co-ax output by chance? Likewise, I am also looking for desk model of HiMD player / recorder that has Optical output or Diigtal co-ax output. Is there any brand name that makes that?
  11. Hi Adam I have some original Sony NH1 earbuds if you are interested.
  12. I don't have an MZ-N510 but have checked my MZ-N710 and MZ-N910 and cannot find the option you describe. They both have a "PowerMode" sub-menu within the main "Option" menu but this just gives you the choice of "normal" or "quick" on the MZ-N710 and "normal", "quick" or "PowerSave" on the MZ-N910. Hopefully someone here has an MZ-N510 and will be able to confirm.
  13. Hi selmasongs, MZ-N510 my very first MD... stoled. If you connect the external AA battery box, it work just fine. Both with alkalines and rechargeable batteries like Energizer. Never notice a difference. I hope somebody who still have one will answer you soon about this option. I love . I just need the Google translator !
  14. Hi! Recently I got tiny minidisc recorder MZ-N510. I successfully hacked it, to add some new options to menu e.t.c. After some time I revert it to default settings. But now I really think that before hacking, there was an option in menu "OPTION", that gives possibility to select battery type between Alkaline and Ni-mh. Is it true? I can't remember... Or it's only my fantasy? Does anybody here has UN-hacked MZ-N*** to see if your player has such option in menu. If it's true, please, can someone tell me, what the values of registers 61 and 62 in Service menu I need to save. I saw user's manuals but I can't find such option there. But I think that I really saw it in my player! The firmware of my MZ-N510 is 00 8 V1.300 Thank you.
  15. well 4.3 version must be working. It works with mz-nh600 hi md
  16. Hi All 1. I have lost my original disc and wish to download the software for my MZ NH1, i run windows 10 , can you please advise which is the best SS software to download and possible a link a well please? Also will it work with windows 10? 2. Is it also possible to purchase the silver headphones for the remote control for the MZ NH1 as mine are quite tatty but i really like them? thank you very much Adam
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  18. The internal batteries are used to store date/time and so on. It´s important to take a look at these because of the age.many have drained out and this won´t do any good to the internals I need to order a LiP8 cells myself now ;-)
  19. The mainboard battery for the deck is a flat topped AA - at a squeeze you can push fit a standard rechargeable AA (NiCd or NiMH) - they will actually go in, just persevere - I have fitted to six of my units. The flat topped versions are available on ebay. The Lip8 carcass contains a standard 14650 battery - just open the carcass along the seam (there are a couple of self locking tabs) - carefully remove the old battery by pulling off the tags with pliers and insert the new one - no need to solder, the battery will make contact well enough to work properly - reassemble the carcass and that's it. Lip-8s are almost impossible to find.
  20. I need one of these, or a tip as to where to find one, or information about suitable substitutes. This is not any disposable battery, but the mainboard battery for this deck. It appears on the service schematic as 'NiCd Battery', and shows up in the parts listing (pg. 88) as either of 1-528-797-21 or 1-528-797-31. The physical dimension of the battery is idiosyncratic. I tried to fit a substitute and it would not go in to the saddle. While I am at it, I'd like to find a LIP-8 for the portable unit, too, but this is a lower priority.
  21. Thanks, Phillipe, for the suggestions. Unfortunately, one of the last things I need right now is another MD within my four walls. Also, I'm just not going to fuss all that much about it. I'm pretty sure that I'm headed in the direction of line-in/mp3/bluetooth/whatever. The sad truth is that what I mainly listen to when I'm driving is the sound of my car. Gears, motor, and everything else—it's all a kind of music to my ears.
  22. It look like handling MDs or K7s in a car (even car parked) is not well appreciated nowadays, even dangerous if you are alone. An unit with a line-in and a small stick MP3 player or even a bluetooh coonection with a smartphone is now the common thing. In case you don't sell it, just think that it possible to install it in a desktop rack (player only I suppose) ! Try also vintage audio web sites.
  23. Looks like between here and elsewhere, no one one wants it. Poor thing! Off to the recycling center with it, then. It served me well and it came with a lot of used MDs that introduced me to a lot of new music. I always liked its SQ, but was less crazy about the somewhat fiddly (to me) controls. RIP.
  24. I still converting Flac to WMA when I need to use SS. But now 90% of my audio collection on my PC (6 Tb, close to 15.000 albums, all got free) is in SACD / DST / WAV 5.1 format !
  25. Hey , .. A New Video ( short ) Net MD Driver WINDOWS 7 64 bit to WINDOWS 10 64 bit installation & Implantation ... ! ... Mini Disk ! MfG Oktave YouTube - video :
  26. Sound forge allows converting FLAC to AA3 (unprotected atrac3plus anybitrate you need or even atrac Lossless) with a batch processor. The only problem is that it doesn't copy metadatas from the source to the destination...
  27. I think he meant the service manual--it lists all the error codes. Available on entry for the MZ E10.
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