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  1. [SOLD] FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    It was sold via eBay and I used their Global Ship Program, I think I just had to pay £4 or so. I then had to pay the postage to eBay UK shipping centre which was another £3.50 I think.
  2. FOR SALE: Maxell plain style 10-pack NEW

    Two packs available (20 discs total)
  3. minidisc auctions on Ebay

    Syrius, where is the cartoon dog in your avatar from?
  4. [SOLD] FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    Both my packs are now sold. The buyer was in HK, maybe there are still lots of collectors fans there?
  5. [SOLD] FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    I'm asking for £89 for this pack. This seems to be current market value.
  6. Hello once again! I have a bundle of 28 minidiscs of various brands - Maxell, Sharp, TDK etc. They are a mixture of mostly 74 and some 80 minutes discs, I think all have sleeves. I am asking for 25 UK pounds. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/ktrwB (including one black & white photo to make it look "hip") Thanks!
  7. Hello once again! I have a bundle of 17 minidiscs of various brands - TDK, Sharp, Sony They are a mixture of 74 and 80 minutes discs all NEW and SEALED I'm asking for 25 of your Earth pounds I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/NrueW Thank you
  8. FOR SALE: Maxell plain style 10-pack NEW

    Correction: I'm asking for £25
  9. Hello again! I have for sale my Sony MZ-N10 It is in lovely "as-new" condition - just check the photos. Lovely magnesium body. Fully kitted out MDLP with Type-S, NetMD and Acoustic Engine, more info http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N10.html I include the original remote and the instruction manual. Sadly I have no means of charging the built-in Li-ION battery and I do not have the AA sidecar so I must specify it as "untested" however from memory I believe it worked fine. It has just been sitting unused for years. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Gl4Gw Please PM me for offers!
  10. FOR SALE: Maxell plain style 10-pack NEW

    Hello! I'm asking for £45 Inc postage. Thanks
  11. Lrp55 - Good A+ buyer

    Hello All, I recently sold a 50 MiniDisc bundle to forum user Lrp55 He paid via PayPal promptly and responded promptly to any updates I sent him. Very happy to deal with him anytime
  12. I may well go for a MZ-RH1 using the proceeds from the eventual sale of the BIT CLUB. Should I Philippe? Always wanted one, I love the understated look of it and those VU meters.
  13. Hello all again! I have a Sony MZ-R900 in Electric blue. Just the unit, no AA sidecar as in photos. My nickname "Arr-Nine-Hundred" refers to this, my favourite of all the portables. I'm just having a clear out is all. This unit plays and records properly. It is in good condition for the age. Lovely all-aluminium body. With MDLP. One of the last models made in Japan. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/9TUCA Thank you
  14. Funny you should say that as I was using RocketPlayer on my other phone yesterday and decided to stream some music wirelessly to my portable bluetooth speaker. I marvelled at this technology and for a moment MiniDisc seemed like ancient stone tool in comparison... ...however I just like the process of creating compendiums with MiniDisc. Crafting a disc by recording music in realtime is just a fun activity for me. So the MiniDisc stays! By the way - discs are now SOLD
  15. Thanks for the compliment Philippe - I think camera's on phones are very good these days. I used my new Nexus 6P which has an amazing camera. I did a test compared to my Panasonic Lumix compact (with Leica lens) and there was a lot less noise in the Nexus photo.