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  1. Affordable Mics for the Whole World

    Nice translation haha "Quality larva in Germany."
  2. Looking For a Mic Any Ideas?

    I think with microphones, there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive. All of this depends on which medium you're recording onto, what kind of inputs, does it have phantom power, what are you recording, etc. I'll put my $200 M-Audio Luna condenser mic AND/OR my $60 MXL 990 condenser mic up against a bunch of much more expensive mics, and you'd be surprised at how little difference there is. CHEAP typically describes something of low quality that's made cheaply and without care. INEXPENSIVE doesn't necessarily mean bad quality. What are you recording onto, though? The mics I've listed I use for recording on a computer, as my portable MD Recorder doesn't supply phantom power or have an XLR connection. If you want evidence that inexpensive isn't always cheap, read greenmachine's DIY stereo condenser electret and his battery box guides. These are two products that outperform products sold for 10 times as much as you might pay for the parts required.