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  1. MZ-N707 Recording Analog

    In case you upgrade Windows (8 + 8.1 + 10)
  2. BLANKDISC Error - I'm devastated.

    If Jim is "still there", it is safer to send him a PM because I doubt that Jim still read the forum as often as before.
  3. Need Help transferring from RH-1 to Sonicstage

    Precisely, the others Hi-MD recorders are only allowed to upload what THEY have recorded themselves on a MD or an Hi-MD ( audio recorded from microphone or line input ). I suppose they are able to make the difference between THEIR recordings and old ones. I have never tested this so maybe there are subtilities.
  4. Need Help transferring from RH-1 to Sonicstage

    The RH1 and his brother the M200 ARE the only way to transfer non Hi-MD files (SP, MDLP) back to your PC.
  5. What is this middle plate ?
  6. JA33ES Info

    or a JA3ES-pro...
  7. JA33ES Info

    Type R or not, you can easily record on a type R unit and then listen the MD at the best with all these ES units. Sadly the JA333ES is not type S.
  8. JA33ES Info

    It is not clear where is the JA33ES among the others. Let us say it is just under JA555ES and that it has like the JA555ES an "analog" sound. JA50ES is consider being more "analytic" than the JA555ES. JA333ES is the alien among them being the only MDLP (not typre R) unit. Clearly a good choice if you can buy it.
  9. Azureal (MZ-M200)

    Save your money, just format the classics MD to Hi-MD. I have 3 Hi-MD units but I have choose a full compatibility between all my units (SP, MDLP, Net-MD, Hi-MD) and I am fixed to SP for my recordings except for my dozen Hi-MD discs.
  10. Azureal (MZ-M200)

    Glad for you and azureal. The battery is also new ?
  11. Superior MD Power Supply

    Myself I'm not able to do it (two left hands)
  12. Superior MD Power Supply

    Well you just reinvent the oldie 3V external charger...
  13. alternative music player - help please

    Your battery is dead but I suppose (I have the RH1 not the NH1) that you can still use a (small) USB charger for mobile phone.
  14. MZ-RH10 HiMD repair?

    Jim Hoggarth was the last UK (sadly for you) member who had an as if "semi professionnal" MD repair activity here on this forum. It seemed that his health forced him to stop this so helpful for us job. Anyway, Jim had said that Hi-MD was not his favourite. NGY is a recent member who maybe can give you a help.
  15. URGENT on eBay Gernamy : Hi-MD deck for 55€

    That make me rethink of what phamcu (vietnamese elctronic engineer) told me: "There are no spare parts in VN, I cannot buy your MZ-RH1".