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  1. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Correction : I delete the major part of my non Hi-Res collection, so now I have around 7000 HI-Res albums in 9,7 Tb (only Classical, Jazz & Funk). 13 Tb is my ultimate objective (music), as I have in Mind to download also the Rock music Hi-Res section. SSD 110Gb internal, 4 x 3 Tb external, 1 x 4 Tb external. Then I will select 600-700 albums and begin a long process of recording them on MDs ! I just complete my MD blanks collection with an order of 500 of them to sescoscuba (Sergio from "crazy for minidisc" web site).
  2. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    I have almost 13 Tb and I am already in a "worried about space" mode : this is because I downloaded more than 5000 Hi-Res audio albums (Flac 24bit/96k&192kHz, DSD, SACD, DVDA, TR24*) from rutracker.org (from now, only classical and jazz...). Could be more simple if I have downloaded only Flac 16bit/44.1kHz files or MP3s but with an average size of 1 Gb - 1.5 Gb per Hi-Res album. I use jRiver Media Center (licenced) which support in frequencies Hi-Res files. In Vietnam, there is no problem with ©. Countraya ! (*) https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=889726 thank you Google Translator !
  3. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Not slim ;>) , but you have this : http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_PCV-MX3GK.html and nowadays : https://www.sony.com/electronics/audio-components/hap-z1es
  4. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Just add a PC in your audio system, you will get the same functionnalities and more, specially if you add a very good external DAC.
  5. Sony ( atrac) Hard disc deck players

    Sergio is already a member of this forum : http://forums.sonyinsider.com/profile/118374-sescoscuba/
  6. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    or just loading the music on line ?
  7. iMac to Minidisc

    External DAC : no, except if you want a better sound quality, you can use the SPDIF Toslink out directly. But if you have an external DAC, typically the connection is PC/Mac USB - DAC - DAC SPDIF Toslink out - W1 SPDIF Toslink is possible. For what you want to do, recording in real time in 320 kbps MP3 to MD, your Mac sound card is good enough. External DAC is advised when you record lossless music, specially Hi-Res quality. The analogue out (specially the one from a good DAC) is usefull when you record HI-Res quality files because this is the only way to catch (or rather try to catch) the quality sound upper than 48kHz (SACD/DSD,etc), unless that your ears cannot listen the difference (a high-end audio system make it possible). Note that you have cheap 24bit / 96kHz or 192kHz DACs for 50£ on the market which are rather good - even with an analog connection - for the king of recording (radio) your are doing. I would advised you nethertheless to invest in a Cyrus or Arcam or DragonFly external DAC as you live in UK (ones with very good analog out) or DACs with also a SPDIF out, 150£ is a good starting price. Naim or Linn DACs would be one of my dream choice. I just love the english audio sound (i am french and being loyal to Cyrus audio and Arcam audio all my life). Just not having not enough money to buy Naim and Linn !
  8. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    Arr or Arrrrrrr or Aaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhh-900 depending how he feel ! Thank you for that looooong comment that I will read tomorrow (it's time to bed 00.59).
  9. iMac to Minidisc

    A connection using an USB cable is called Net-MD connection. The MD (deck or portable unit) MUST be Net-MD (see minidisc.org 's browser). Using a Net-MD connection you can - record in real time (aonly way to get a real SP quality) - transfer files to the MD unit in MDLP +/- Hi-MD formats (depending of the unit but NOT a Net-MD unit), even SP standard format that you are using now (but it is NOT SP quality like I said, a fake SP with the LP2 quality) - transfer from the unit to the Mc, is alsop ossible but this is another subject For NOW, you only can record from your Mac using your MDS-W1 (fantastic unit) only in real time, using a stereo RCA cable (minijack to RCA). The recording quality can be done with a digital quality (this is your choice as you wrote) also if your Mac (or an external DAC) has a digital out (SPDIF toslink) that you must connected to the digital in of your W1, knowing that the maximum quality acceptable is 24bit/48kHz (if you want to record Hi-Res quality music files in real time : record in analog OR downgrade the sound quality to 24bit/48kHz). Note that with your W1 you CAN record TWO MD at the same time (two different sources) ! Where are you living ?
  10. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    In that case, clean mean super clean ;>)
  11. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cross your fingers.
  12. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Cable can be the cause of the problem. The driver must be install during a Windows session during which the Driver Signature Enforcement has been Disabled (Windows settings ----> advanced startup). Download again the right driver 64bit for your Windows version. If your cable is the problem, keep the wrong cable for charging sessions (PC or Power Bank) for which it will be good enough.
  13. W10 64bit NetMD Driver Disappering ??

    Restart the procedure from the beginning. Uninstall NetMD (W7 64bit) drivers & software, reinstall. What else you could do, reset the laptop ?
  14. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Test another MD. Test another headphone, another cable.. Any source of problem.
  15. MZ-E2 doesn’t sounds

    Could be that simple. Hi Jimma...