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  1. I hope finally that will work with Stephen (sfbp) last advise.
  2. HI everybody. Just see that MDS-E12 has the same SCMS on/off thing in its service manual. I need to talk with phamcu in Vietnam about this, as he used to sell W1 "Full Digital Copy DIY" decks some years ago and just have one E12 decks still to sell.
  3. 1. uninstall any previous SS + MD driver (Control Panel / System / Device Manager window) 2. download from Sony insider : SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition + NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista 3. Setup SS, restart 4. disabled the driver signature enforcement 5. plugged the player in and went to the device section of the computer and highlighted it - the player. 6. clicked on said player and went to the window for it and clicked on : driver [or go to Control Panel / System / Device Manager window]. Browse my computer for NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista driver (unzipped) and clicked, update driver. << I am told by the computer that no drivers for the player are to be found on my computer >> Do you have the right driver ? NetMD Driver 64-bit Win7 or Vista look to be the good one for me. 7. Resart and enjoy (at least)
  4. uninstall first the previous driver... even if this the same (but setup during a classic session).
  5. Try this (one time), During the session, install SS (last version) and the W7 64 driver both dowloaded from here ready. And rock.
  6. From W 7 to W 10, you need to do the same thing, loading a new session during which you have disabled the Driver Signature Enforcement. I think you will find yourself here or with Google a step by step help about the W7 64bit procedure.
  7. Maybe it is said somewhere in the manual that you must choose for recording between an analog source, an optical source or a microphone. I did not read it :
  8. Flac ---> Wma lossless (keep tags) read by SS --> Atrac, but I prefer real time recording Can't you import in Indonesia an unit which is sold out > 15 years ? Torrents : PM
  9. Note - if you do not know the trick - that you can easily download music (and of course movies) in FLAC CD 16-bit-44,1kHz / 24 bit - 96 kHz / SACD quality (torrents). I downloaded more than 550 SACD albums and that will take years to record - in real time - a part of them on my MDS. Hi-MD adds higher bitrates than the MP3 320 kbps quality, even PCM. Another idea is to buy a recent deck, I suppose there are still many in Indonesia like in Vietnam where I live (I am french), even good Sony QS and ES series.
  10. Sorry but if you mainly played MP3, why searching for an unit that his close to its end of life ?
  11. Have you tried your ampli tape 1 or 2 REC out ?
  12. Or send a parcel to a member of this forum who have a Sony MZ-RH1 (M200), preferably in the same country than you. After, you just need to download the files from Dropbox or similar.
  13. We want more videos like that , stay with us Oktave.
  14. And the something else will be cheap : around 20-30$ for a similar (same generation) unit.