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  1. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    Note that deck sound is sound more dynamic.
  2. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    I would not buy a RH1 as a first or even second unit. There are others Hi-MD units with a good chance of longer life. But for me, first generation (pre-MDLP) & Net-MD units are the best for a long durability. Decks are good too, specially JAxES, JB & JE series
  3. I know we have already talk about it but it could be usefull to remind us which are the Atrac formats that could be import/edit/save in Sond Forge Pro. Sound ForgePro 12 manage the DSD format : I will be interested to save my music directly in Atrac files (that could be transfer to my MD discs). For a real time recording, I have recently ordered this : http://taingheviet.com/topping-d10.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=100 which is a half DAC half DAC interface (if followed by a better DAC).
  4. Stephen remind us the version of Sound Forge to be used fro editing/creating Atrac files.
  5. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    For you Sphig (Google Translator is your friend) : http://www.laserdiscplaza.fr/forumld/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=5850
  6. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    No need to ask, he his in an absolute wordship in front of IT.
  7. Rare Minidisc For Sale

    For sure, Enzo Heavenly LOVE the Hi-MD format... so you have some king of Alibaba"s cavern for him, Fox Gabanna
  8. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    J'ai déjà vu cette photo quelque part
  9. But this is so expensive ! If you have a line in, this is much cheaper to use a minijack cable ! A loudspeaker like the Sony one (or maybe a bigger one as the sound could be dreadful in a noisy car) is at a similar price.
  10. Lots of remotes, which one is best??

    Damned good ! Thank you Hmmm Music Lover.
  11. Lots of remotes, which one is best??

    After (or before) a life test with all MD units power on, you can also check the "browser" of minidisc.org and use <Ctrl F> for each remote name. I believe that somewhere deep in this forum there are some topics about those remotes.
  12. MZ-RH1 Settings for decent playback

    dbpowerbank can convert your Flac files to WMA lossless. The trial version can do the job by pack of a dozen files but if you don't have 10.000 files to convert at the same time, that will be good enough. I don't advise then you use SonicStage as a player (in the case you would think so) for your real time recording, I find the sound very poor compare to foobar2000 and other players But SonicStage - and Soundforge pro which can create Atrac files - seem the only one to make a Net-MD transfert.
  13. Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player

    I do not get such problem yet