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    All Sony Deck & Walkman: JA555es, JE440, MZ-1, MZ-R30, MZ-R55, MZ-R90, MZ-E900, MZ-N1, MZ-N10, MZ-RH1
  1. Getting rid of my Minidisc Gear :(

    I'm looking for your MZ-R90 black! Very nice! Where do you leave? Ship to France possible? Your price all incluse?
  2. Hello everybody, I'M looking for the covers (front and back) of the pre-recorded Minidisc Pink Floyd "PULSE". This is a double Minidisc. I accept the scan. I could print them after. Thank you for your proposals Regards
  3. Michael Jackson "Invincible" MiniDisc for Sale

    For me is must have MD pre-recorded. But often too expensive. I personally have two! One European and one US model. And I had both in batches, it's cheaper to buy lot. But I would suggest a maximum of 35-40 Euros (Used) or 50-55 Euros (New/Sealed) Good luck.
  4. FS: Rare TDK Pro Minidisc and Maxell Minidisc

    Is right. From another point of view for me the explanation is that Sony Fan uses sony insider forum to increase the number of click to the objects for sale. As Minidisc is a niche market, as advertising is to this community.
  5. Hi - MD for sale

    In my opinion, must send a MP for the price! For me 15€ per Hi-MD new & sealed is the maximum. Recently, in France (web site) there is 7 Hi-MD 2nd gen "used" for 35€ in total!!! Be patient!
  6. Hi - MD for sale

    Can be 18-20€ per Hi-MD! The price is generally found for New blank Hi-MD 2nd gen.
  7. Minidisc Pre-recorded original (My Sale)

    Yeah! But it seems that Mariah Carey no attract much people!
  8. Minidisc Pre-recorded original (My Sale)

    Update! Only Mariah Carey: "Emotions" available! Thanks!
  9. Minidisc Pre-recorded original (My Sale)

    Update! Only 4 title available
  10. Hi, Here my sale of 11 Minidisc Original pre-recorded Tell me for ship outside of France! But It's possible. http://www.ebay.fr/sch/cheche93/m.html?item=201095076415&ViewItem=&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Bye!
  11. Disc Traders ?

    I said too much money at once.
  12. Disc Traders ?

    The price is right for all minidisc, but all too much.
  13. The most overpriced Hi-MD's to date!

    Anyway it's too expensive!! I would put 80-100 euros maximum!!
  14. Disc Traders ?

    I reserve all!! It depends on the price including postage!!
  15. FINISH Pack of 10 Hi-MD New/Sealed on ebay (My Sale) FINISH

    I said no more HIMD new and sealed available. And joking I said I should sell more expensive