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  1. I guess nobody has heard/seen this particular release on MiniDisc recently?
  2. Probably... But I'm more on the collector side of this. My main interest is not in the audio itself but the packaging, the booklet, the MD format etc On the other hand, I wonder if this was a limited edition or similar?
  3. Still on the lookout for this... Any hints?
  4. List of Pre-Recorded minidiscs

    Does someone has a copy of that list with all pre recorded MD titles?
  5. minidisc walkman and collection for sale

    Any original pre-recorded MiniDisc in your collection?
  6. Huge Collection of Pre-Recorded Minidiscs

    I would like to check the list too
  7. I've just seen that Damn it! I have that searching option active, but I think it was uploaded with a buy it now option and then it disappeared soon from view Anyway, that wasn't cheap!
  8. Willing to do a trade

    Sorry, I'm new here. It's just that I'm a collector of pre-recorded releases, I'm not very much into home recordings now. The album I'm looking for is a Celine Dion Mini Disc, "A New Day Has Come" released in 2002 by Epic Records (Sony Music) in the US. I've been told the format was officially out of production in the record labels that year, so this should be one of the latest albums released in Mini Disc. Hence, it seems hard to find. I've never seen a picture of it, just have the photo below. Amazon still has it in their catalogue, but its always out of stock
  9. Willing to do a trade

    Are we talking of pre recorded MDs or home made recordings? Because I am looking for a particular pre recorded release on MD...
  10. Really? Did you find something? I would love to see even if its a picture of the actual item
  11. Nobody has or has ever seen this MiniDisc?? Come on it was released in the US, it shouldn't be that rare!
  12. Hello! I am looking for a particular MiniDisc release from singer Celine Dion, her album titled "A New Day Has Come". It was released in march 2002 by Epic Records in the US, and as far as I know it has to be one of the last minidiscs produced in the company. Either you have it for sale or can you show some pictures if you own it, I will be more than grateful I just have one picture of it. Thanks in advance for your help Javier