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  1. Sony c13 error on display window,sony mds-JB=930 QS

    If anyone is still watching this thread. I just received a new JE480 yesterday and about a minute 50 seconds into playing a disc it stopped reading and of course the C13 Read Error came up. I did check service mode and for sure shows total recording and playback times under an hour. What happen as I was putting the cover back on just to inspect and all the cover tucking into the fresh my panel of course did a snap in which was maybe no different than flicking the unit with a finger trying to make it skip. While it was playing it just went silent as I thought maybe it skipped and that is all she wrote. It try's reading and spins the disc little by little. The error history was showing 10 and 20. Did I just get a bad one and was just a coincidence or what? Thanks
  2. KMS-260 vs KMS-262

    Hello, I'm needing to replace the laser assembly in a MXD-D40 and it requires the KMS-262E or A. The KMS-260 is a lot easier to find. They look the same and just wondering if they are interchangeable? Is it just one is newer than the other? Thanks