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  1. Sharp NetMD IM-DR400E USB Driver needed

    Hi Thank you for replying. I have used only Beat Jam with this device that was years ago on Windows XP or Vista. I will copy and paste what I think you asked for in question 2. USBVID_04DD&PID_9013&REV_0100 USBVID_04DD&PID_9013 USBVID_04DD&PID_90135&2E981854&0&1 Hope they help I appreciate your help ty My name is John and my email is john77reid@live.com Thank you
  2. Hi I have unearthed my Sharp NetMD IM-DR400E minidisc recorder and I thought I would try to give use it again after many years of no use. Quite surprised it still works! But I have been totally unable to get my Windows 8 pc to recognise it when connected by its usb cable. I have tried to search for a driver from the original BeatJam CD disc but the drivers must be so outdated Windows 8 won't recognise them. I have tried installing the most recent version of Sonic Stage that I found on here, but still no drivers will recognise the device. Can anybody help me out with usb drivers or should I just give up hope on this aged device lol Many Thanks