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  1. Seller doesn't know, and he's not being very helpful... May end up having to take this issue up with eBay directly. However, in the meantime, I did glean a bit more information. The unit did not come with the factory remote, but upon plugging in my mz-r55 remote, the display powers up and reads "no disc". I press play and it still reads "no disc". I tried using a light touch of isopropyl alchohol with a cotton swab on the lens, but I'm still getting "no disc". I imagine this is why the unit spins up and then down so quickly, because it doesn't even think there's a disc, so in an effort to sa
  2. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, and I've come here in need of help. I've just purchased an MZ-E900 on ebay (listed as functional), however upon receiving it I cannot get it to play discs. Basically I pop in a standard Sony disc (both SP and LP2) and the unit spins up for a couple seconds and then spins down... I press play, and the little operation light comes on and the unit spins up for about a second and then nothing (it spins down). I've got both the fully charged gumstick in there along with the external dry cell, so I'm pretty sure power isn't the issue. I've heard
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