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  1. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    PhilippeC - Thanks for the link - very interesting to see
  2. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    IMHO - You are missing nothing (unless I misunderstood the question) - external DACs do not reprocess already processed material - they simply take the input stream of digits and convert it to analogue - this is how you have your JA22ES set up - and yes, it is a great DAC.
  3. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    Still working? - Happy to help - Great stack!
  4. MZ-N10 Battery Lip-3WM

    Hi - I simply cut the tags on the old battery and soldered the new battery to the stubs left behind
  5. Pictures tell how to ....... Available on ebay less than a fiver
  6. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    Where are you based?
  7. Good story Matt - and you live in an amazing part of the world to wander and to wonder....
  8. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    PaoloB - Yes please let us know more about sourcing the spur gear.....
  9. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    I'll try to get hold of a donor JB940 - Thanks
  10. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    From UK - a donor machine would be good if I could find one at a good price
  11. Encoder rotary for JA555ES

    Kris/Philippe - I desperately need a Digital board for a JA333ES - do either of you know where I might get one? - Page 50 in service manual
  12. Don't know if this helps - found a copy in my archives.....
  13. Internal battery for MZ-R5ST deck

    The mainboard battery for the deck is a flat topped AA - at a squeeze you can push fit a standard rechargeable AA (NiCd or NiMH) - they will actually go in, just persevere - I have fitted to six of my units. The flat topped versions are available on ebay. The Lip8 carcass contains a standard 14650 battery - just open the carcass along the seam (there are a couple of self locking tabs) - carefully remove the old battery by pulling off the tags with pliers and insert the new one - no need to solder, the battery will make contact well enough to work properly - reassemble the carcass and that's it. Lip-8s are almost impossible to find.
  14. MZ-R55 fried

    Component shown looks like a surface mount fuse (SMD)
  15. MZ-N10 Battery replacement

    Finding and fitting a replacement battery for the MZ-N10 needs a little electronic awareness and a bit of luck - the battery in the N10 is listed as having 3.5mm thickness and is 3.7v at 350mah - On ebay UK is listed item number 181291308343 which has the right dimensions to fit and the right rating except that thickness is listed at 4mm. Anyhow here is the successful result - the ebay sourced item has a paper label that needs to be removed (easy) to allow it to fit readily. Things to note:- 1. Turn off the internal battery switch then remove the screw holding the scroll wheel in place 2.Open the MD lid, then remove the scroll wheel and ribbon cable complete (watch how the connector lock works) 3. Remove the back cover by taking out the remaining three screws - lift off (scroll wheel edge first). 4. Remove the battery ribbon cable from its connector (lift the cable lock) then remove the battery. 5.Insert the new battery taking care to orient it with the leads correctly positioned 6 Carefully solder in the battery wires to the test points behind the battery connector - making sure of polarity 7 Assemble and test Attached are some snaps of the process (the fine tipped battery powered soldering iron came from Maplin) See here for photos (admin). Same thread, later post!
  16. Problem with Sony ja20es

    Looks like the plastic moulded shaft from an intermediate gear on the traverse (sled) drive train has broken from the plastic mount and needs stripdown to repair. Seen similar symptoms and in each case, that was the work needed and successfully completed, but tough to do properly..
  17. Ja333es display problem

    That's great news Kris - a fine achievement - time now to relax and enjoy!
  18. Ja333es display problem

    Kris - If the one you ordered does not fit - then message me - I have spare units that I can strip for one - you are welcome to it if I can help.
  19. Ja333es display problem

    Not just suspect Kris - absolutely no good at all - need to replace or bypass
  20. Need skype help to operate my MD Walkman MZ-R37

    Try this for help - should get you there.... http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/sony_mzr37_manual.pdf
  21. Onkyo Hi-MD "Service Mode"

    Experienced the same problems on a few units - skipping towards the end of discs (Hi-Md) - Failure to read then failure to eject - no solution yet! Have one that plays on it's side reliably - a bit of a pain really. - Like you, need a service manual
  22. MZ-N10 Battery replacement

    Here they are
  23. LIP-4WM Lithium Ion Battery Pack