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  1. Hey there, bought a remote from Syrius for my rh1, everything was just like promised, great communication, item arrived all the way from USA to Estonia (eu) without any complications:) A+++ Thanks PaulDenton
  2. Looking to buy Sony HI MD DS HMD1

    You mean, i can drag and drop random files to minidisc's using rh1 (like pictures without sonic stage)?
  3. An update on my process to the MD world

    Will get my Rh1 TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Will have trouble sleeping. Man, i feel like a kid!
  4. An update on my process to the MD world

    Damn, it must feel extra bad to know that you could have gotten it for that same price!
  5. Looking to buy Sony HI MD DS HMD1

    Looks like these : https://www.google.ee/search?q=Sony+HI+MD+DS+HMD1&safe=off&espv=2&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=tFWpU4q-F4bm7AaQr4G4CA&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw=1280&bih=933 IF you have one and are willing to let go of it, let me know:-)
  6. An update on my process to the MD world

    That is very weird i wrote a long answer to your post and now its gone, guess i did not press post button. In short, yes, i might buy a cheaper unit and take rh1 with me only on speical occasions, but at the same time i like that model especially because of it's looks and not because of the special features (although it is cool to have them) and it might be hard to resist not to take it with me ( i know my gf will take hers definitely out). And one other big reasons why i like minidisc is that i do not have to use pc's anymore , i am really looking forward to recording music to minidisc's straight from cd's But special care will be taken for that unit , that's for sure. Thank you for the suggestions I think one of the players will be here within a week:P:P:P:P
  7. An update on my process to the MD world

    Yeah my bank account is screaming help! I have noticed that alos, that price is out of this world. Allmost as crazy is the fact that someone actually bought this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-MZ-RH1-Hi-MD-Walkman-MiniDisc-MP3-Digital-Music-Player-/271299838914?pt=US_Personal_MiniDisc_Recorder&hash=item3f2abb03c2
  8. Looking to buy a remote for MZ-RH1

    Check you inbox:)
  9. An update on my process to the MD world

    Bought another Rh1 , new other, 400euros, will give one for my grilfriend! Can't want to recive my itmes already:)
  10. Looking to buy a remote for MZ-RH1

    The price sounds fine, would love to see the pictures:)
  11. Looking to buy a remote for MZ-RH1

    What is the condition of the remote, and for how much would you be willing to sell it and ship overseas ( if you are overseas, i am at EU). Thx
  12. Looking to buy a remote for MZ-RH1

    AS the title says looking for rh1 remote control, if you have one for sale let me know here or pm me:) Thx
  13. An update on my process to the MD world

    Thank you sir! Yes i think i will use it one the go while being extra careful and all the time keeping it in that original bag. One of the main reasons why i want the remote is that then i do not have to overuse the silver button on the unit ( rewind or next song, do not remeber), thatis fragile as i have been told around here.
  14. An update on my process to the MD world

    OK bought myself a Rh1!!!!!!!!!!!:-D It will probably take about 2 weeks for the shippment to get here. Condition: used for about 2 hours not a single scratch on the unit but WITHOUT A REMOTE, so i need a remote now. Any suggestions? Prize was 340 euros, that is not bad considering the condition of the item.
  15. (New other) Rh1 Sold for record low price.

    Yes , but it was 3 years ago a lot has changed but still you got an incredible deal!