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  1. A portable Sony MD player

    I'm looking for a portable (Walkman-like) MD player - but I don't want one with the proprietary batteries. Instead, I want one that uses AA batteries. Any model suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice. ***EDIT: I would like the AA batteries to be internal and not in an external pack.
  2. MiniDisc connection

    How do you hook up a MiniDisc player to an older Sony (STR-1090) receiver that doesn't have a MD input??
  3. MD advice for a newbie

    Thanks for clearing that up. I assume the SP and LP mean standard play and long play, respectively. I'm really not interested in portable units or uploading music. Right now I just want to put about a dozen albums on MD for home playback.
  4. MD advice for a newbie

    Thanks for the replies...specifically about the units that are and are not LP compatible. I can't seem to find one right now that will be compatible with my stash of LPs, so I guess I will have to wait. If I find something, I will definitely post about it...in my loudest online voice!
  5. MD advice for a newbie

    Hello all, I recently returned to vintage audio and began collecting vinyl albums. I would like to buy a Minidisc player/recorder to record a few of them. I know very little about the medium, as it was in its infancy when I was in college and I couldn't afford to get into it. However, now I would like to add a MD player to my mid-90s Sony component system. My question is this: Can you suggest a player and recorder (that I might actually be able to find online) that would offer the best recording/playback sound quality? I understand that the MDS-JA55ES is supposed to be the best, but there are none to be found. Which two or three readily available units would you suggest I look for? I haven't set a definite budget yet, but I think I would like to keep the purchase at or around $300 if possible. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have to offer. Mark