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  1. Yes well I have sent it of to sony and it's a £70 charge for parts and labour but if they can't get the parts or are unable to fix the issue it's no charge. I am so desperate to get this fixed. I even emaild Jim hogwarth but no reply??
  2. Ok so guys do u think sony will be able to help me I was using it fine even with the right side oled screen not working.it's just wen I went into service mode. And now won't go back to normal working order
  3. What about sony will they be able to fix it? Also would you sell me a spare display even if it is dim in display.
  4. What about if I send it to sony do you think it is something that they can fix? Also were can I buy parts for it? I need a new screen as only the left side works.?
  5. Hi I think I have done the 911 Reset NVRam By accident and now when I take the battery out the battery light flashes and it starts beeping any advice on what action to take?
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