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  1. Sony NW-ZX2 Hi-Res Walkman!

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Sony's latest offering is the NW-ZX2. Does anybody know about the new audio player from Sony? It's called the NW-ZX2. A High-Resolution player that signals Sony's continued commitment to high-end audio users. As this is a Sony-following site I thought I'd post the details of this incredible player and learn about the thoughts of other forum members, who no doubt are eager to know more about this breaking development. Here's the spec - * Superb Hi-Res sound from Walkman with S-Master HX and DSEE * Upgraded signal path and power supply stages with premium components * LDAC for high quality wireless listening via Bluetooth * Long 60hr battery life and 128GB (expandable) capacity to store your Hi-Res music collection * Luxurious design with body sculpted from solid aluminium Price: 949GBP ($1100) That's no typo! This might be the most expensive audio player ever. This the real deal, you guys better start saving up because this is as good as it gets. Expected: Spring 2015.