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  1. only just stumbled on this,if its the owh its held on by one small screw and a little block connector, the 5 series has a ribbon cable, one time i bought a mdm7 off a guy and had a knackered owh,the original owh was good so i fitted it to the drive i bought and all was good,this was between a 940 and 470, though as far as i can make out the owh itself is the same as 480/980 so that should broaden you search, i am sure kevin or guyla will be along to point out if i am wrong,ive done bd board swap before again it was from a knackered 940 mdm7 to save a 440 and all seems well,however in that case again it was from same varient of mdm 7,a used cheap as possible 480 is a good option aswell for the whole unit if comes to that.
  2. might have one or two of these knocking around that you are quite welcome to,they are off scrapped boards,i was on the hunt last spring with that 940 as its was missing, also a coaxial, good luck with those bye the way,scrappers are the only way for them,the orange bodied ones,must be thousands in landfill, new ones are almost impossible to find,in the end i bought a scrap board off a 510 off a guy on fleabay, and when i bought a mdm 7 off another guy on fleabay he sent a scrap 470 board with it,the opticals are the type that use the plugs instead of the flaps like on the 480/980 models,the ones you have pictured,dont think i have spare plugs though.
  3. M1JWR

    Three wise men !!

    ahh yes kevin, seems like lock down fixes have built up quite a stock here's a chancy unknown entity, could be ideal for the guy with the dodgy 980 on another post, with an emphisis on could !! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-MDS-JE480-MiniDisc-Player-Recorder-needs-Attention/393082581801?hash=item5b858c3329:g:QpgAAOSwMplflK3Y
  4. M1JWR

    Three wise men !!

    this is where i get them from for mdm 7's, no problems with them so far https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-x-NEW-REPLACEMENT-BELTS-FOR-SONY-MINI-DISC-MDS-JB980-JB940-JE780-JE770-JE640/193767445522?hash=item2d1d709412:g:QCoAAOSwXc9b8Bh5
  5. M1JWR

    Three wise men !!

    just for refrence in the pic on back of front panel there are 2 larger solder points, they are for the ams, they seem to be often cracked, i have even come across one with a hairline on one of the tracks and had to put a wire link in, could even be possibly done as assembly when somebody put the ams knob back on as its not too well supported in that area, affects je470/480 to my knowledge. now the lid is off this one i can get the jig at it and the sticker is present.
  6. M1JWR

    Three wise men !!

    won 3 more decks on ebay, same lot, 3 more mdm 7's to look over, as it turns out belts were all that was needed, 2 470's and a 440, all playing fine not tested with either jig or recording as yet, just a bit of cosmetics to deal with, they came from schools apparently, the 440 needed an ams knob, luckily i have one from that 520 i scrapped some time ago, its the same part.The 2 470's needed the 2 main solder connections for the ams reflowed, seems a commom issue with this model and the 480 no doubt. hope you are all well and seasons greatings to all of you, and hope for a better 2021 than all the crap thats happened over the last year.
  7. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    another two tests, i'll not bother with the error history, though i wrote them down if needed, just that 440 with the fresh bd board to do though i will have to ratch that one out, next weekend for that one, and the 980, i'll leave that one alone, ive had it many years and i know whats its done.both these two were spares or repair needing belts. 440 s/n 602565, 0.9$10 17.9, 7mw 53.2 (53.7 on sticker), retry error b 5 p ff, total ff 470 s/n 5502169 0.9$11 16.2, 7mw 48.5 (49.7 on sticker) retry error r ff p 13 total ff still think the 440 is better build than 470 and 470 in turn is better build than 480, lots of wire jumpers in those two, 440 has proper populated through hole components on circuit board.
  8. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    i have checked 2 other ex repair decks today, both bought on the cheap needing belts some months ago, infact i remember the 480 needed nowt, seller error, got one anyway. 470 s/n 5516667 0.9mw$11 19.9, 7mw - 54.1 (sticker says 54.4), retry error 3E P29, total D4, History 00-30, 01-10, 02-51, 03-10, 04-50, 05-51, 06-10, 07-51, 08-10, 09-51 480 s/n6682482 0.93mw$11 17.9, 7mw - 50.4(no sticker), rec time 25 mins, play time 239hrs, retry error R00 P58, total 77, history 00-31, 01-51, 02-10, 03-31, 04-51, 05-31, 06-51, 07-31, 08-20, 09-51. will have to have a read at what those history figures are all about, no doubt the key player will be that 440 that got a replacement bd board some time ago, will see what i can dig out next
  9. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    i have made a jig for mdm 7's its crude but it works and have tested it on two decks that i will report on shortly, i recieved the 7 pin ribbons, so i removed the female part from the knackered mdm 7 bd board that i have and stuck it to a piece of veroboard, and to cut a long story short about delicate soldering, it works, i checked for shorted pins first and by miracle it hasent any, the other side of the pic is the usual pins like on the mdm 5 jig, so nothing new to see there, the two players were a 470 and a 940, the 940 was a little more comprehensive in the details i will put down. the 470 first s/n6606247, i bought it needing a new belt though another repair was needed as the board behind the ams had a couple of hairlines through tracks that made the ams push function u/s, a wire link was put in and now is good, i think both these players suffer from the 1hr thing in the history because basically thats all both have, on the 470 its 0.9mw$11 at 19.3 and 7mw is 53.4 (54.4 on sticker) the first deck i ever bought to fix was this 940, it had a broken drive unit, its not a uk model, i bought another drive unit that had a shot owh, so i put on its original owh and all is good, somebody had removed two of the optical and 1 coaxial jack out of the back, i got replacements from a scrapped 510 board i bought from the bay for little money, i found that 1 optical did not work, and somewhere there is an invisible hairline through a track, a wire link fixed that, so all is 100%. s/n 5503208 0.9mw$11 18.0, 7mw 52.1 (53.5 on sticker)op and play 1hr each spdl time 2hrs, retry error r00 p93, total ff, error history i think there is 5 positions and they are either 30 or 31, might try some others over the weekend
  10. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    no problem with postage this end either, i actually have one on that old bd board, sooner you than me, those pins are tiny, much appreciated, there is still that link also for through hole type if anybody interested meantime.got an old cassette deck to mess about with for now.
  11. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    those look like surface mount gentlemen
  12. M1JWR

    MDLP Deck

    thats way top end of price range for one of those, apart from the type s and what features it provides, the 480 and 470 seem to be neigh on identical
  13. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    ex cd player ribbon different pitch, so cancel that plan.
  14. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    nope cant do that, eyesight not good enough even with magnifying lamp and twp pairs of glasses, cant solder that small,even with wrapping wire around end of iron etc etc, no cigar i am afraid, have through hole board connector from scrapped cd player, its 22 pin though, could modify that maybe and wire up only 7 of its pins, and cut other end of ribbon at deck end, have that old bd board for test fitting, otherwise are these the female ends needed, never delt with this firm before, would get 5 incase of f ups. https://www.enrgtech.co.uk/buy/product/ET11659376/52806-0710
  15. M1JWR

    Test Jigs

    might try simplified to start with, super glue ribbon onto pcb and solder wires to ribbon connectors and the rest would be like the one in the first pic more or less ive got one that i can cut from that scrapped 520, the one that goes from the display board to main pcb, can cut that to the 7 connectors at either end. that display is a bit fubar'ed anyway, a lot of dead segments.
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