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  1. iTunes to MD?

    Thank you very much, PhilippeC, for your suggestions. You have been very helpful and I was able to move all the songs over to MD. More dust on my iPod, I suppose. Ryan
  2. iTunes to MD?

    Hello. If it's possible, can someone please explain how to transfer files from my iTunes "library" to MD? I have done some searching but can't seem to come up with much. I would be using SS 4.3 and either an MZ-NH1 or RH910. Thanks very much, Ryan
  3. best Hi-MD/MD and earphone combination?

    Hello, All. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks, so thought I would just ask for some opinions. I will try to be as specific as possible. Among others, I have a Sony N910, RH910, and NH1. For earbuds, I am currently using Shure se215 and 425, but will be picking up a pair of 846 in the near future, based on the excellent reviews I have read. My question is around the Sharp Auvi units. I am interested in trying one out, but am wondering if the sound quality of an Auvi (DR77 or DS77) is noticeably better than the Sony units I have, specifically when using any of the above-mentioned Shure pairs? Unless I am mistaken, the Sharp units won't play the Hi-MD discs, so I see that as a bit of a disadvantage, but I am most interested in which combination would provide the highest quality sound. Thank you, in advance, for any informed opinions anyone would be willing to offer. Ryan
  4. Repairing a LIP-12 battery (MZ-R30 and such)

    Drag. The LIP-8 seems much tougher to find than the LIP-12. Interesting thread, though, thanks.
  5. Repairing a LIP-12 battery (MZ-R30 and such)

    So, a LIP-12 will work in an R50? I thought they needed a LIP-8? Is there much of a difference? Ryan
  6. Why won't my MZ-NH1 play Hi-Md discs?

    I actually just won an auction for an N10 which included three LIP-4WM. I wasn't even looking for an N10 because I am not too keen on the built-in battery, but had a look anyway. When I saw the three batteries thrown in as extras, I saw it as a great opportunity to grab some harder to find batteries at a decent price. It said they still held charges, so I am hopeful they will last for a good while in their rotation. I still have my R50, by the way, and it looks as good today as when new. I bought a nice case for it at the time and have always kept it well protected, as I try to do with all of my machines. I was always very impressed with the sound quality and solid construction of that model. Speaking of the RH910, I have two of them, one of which appears to be the "European" model. As I understand it, the only difference between it and my NA version is the European model doesn't offer "Custom 1" and Custom 2" options in the Sound EQ menu. I find that disappointing as they allow the listener to tailor the sound to their personal preferences a bit more. Do you have any idea why they would not be included on the European model but are on the NA version?
  7. Why won't my MZ-NH1 play Hi-Md discs?

    That did the trick! I just loaded a disc with the battery in the NH1 and it went as smoothly as I hoped. I had no idea not having the battery in could make a difference but that is why boards such as this so great to have around. I'm still confused as to why the NH1 wouldn't play the disc loaded with the RH910, but I guess I'll just have copies for each now. Thank you again, sfbp. I have been a big fan of MD since I bought my MZ-R50 in late 1998 and I can't see myself ever giving it up. Best wishes, Ryan
  8. Why won't my MZ-NH1 play Hi-Md discs?

    First, thank you very much for your reply. I do have the original power sources for the NH1. When I tried playing the first disc (made with my RH910) on my NH1, it had a fully charged LIP-4 battery in it, so that shouldn't have been a problem. When I was loading the discs from my laptop, both the RH910 and NH1 were without batteries and were powered through the USB cables only. Again, with the RH910, the transfers worked perfectly. Unless I am mistaken, there is no way to power the NH1, externally, aside from the USB cable while it is attached to the computer (meaning it can't be in its cradle.). I could put the LIP-4 in and try to load a disc again but, since the RH worked just fine without the battery, I didn't see why it would affect the NH1's ability to transfer files. Ryan
  9. Why won't my MZ-NH1 play Hi-Md discs?

    Using Sonic Stage 4.3, I had loaded a bunch of songs onto a 1gb disc with my RH910, without issue. The disc played perfectly time after time. When I put the disc into my NH1, only the first track would play. After that, "CANNOT PLAY" was displayed for each subsequent track. I then used a new 1 gb disc to load more songs, but this time had the NH1 hooked up. On each of the three attempts, there was a problem. The first two times, the screen said a number of the tracks could not be transferred, even though there was no issue moving them with the RH910. The third time, it looked like everything moved over properly, but the disc still read as blank. I then took the same disc, hooked up the RH910 and everything transferred perfectly. When I put the disc into the NH1, the screen said, "CANNOT PLAY." The NH1 plays regular MDs without problem, so I am at a loss. Would any of the experts be willing to offer some suggestions? The NH1 is in virtually new condition, and sounds awesome, but this issue is very annoying. Thank you in advance for any assistance, Ryan