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  1. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    Hi Bernie, I suspect the software will only work with older versions of the Mac operating system - I still have a ten year-old Powerbook that works well, as well as two newer laptops with the El Capitain OS. But of course I need the software to be able to convert the files- any advice on where to start looking for that? Regards, DB
  2. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    HI Bernie. Thanks for letting me know. I'm just starting to use an MZ-RH1 that I bought three years ago and forgot about. It's virtually brand new, with two new batteries, but only one HD disc. All I have to do is try and make the Mac software work and I'll be happy. If you have any discs left over I'll take them off your hands for the agreed price and postage. Best, DB
  3. Sony MZ-M100 plus blank discs for sale SOLD!

    HI, can I buy six of the unopened discs? I live in France, can you can let me know the total cost including shipping - if they are still for sale! Regards, DB