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  1. md not spinning error 13

    Hi. I am a new subscriber to this forum. My MDS 780 accepts a minidisc, does not spin, shows error 13 and ejects disc. I have a service manual but no idea of how to proceed. Any help out there, please?
  2. Minidisc Auto Space

    I would like to add autospace facility to my JE 440 minidisc deck. This is available on 640 but not on 440. Is there a software hack for this ? I have checked out the hardware and there seems to be nothing there...
  3. Minidisc Auto Space

    Many thanks for an informed reply. I rather guessed that to be the case. I have a mainboard from a damaged 780 but that would be hard to add to a 440, I think. I buy lots of these decks for spares so I will wait patiently for a 640. Unfortunately they seem to be the most reliable of all of them, usually only needing new belts for eject mechanism. Once again thanks for the input. A little frustrating as I love my 440s but only need that one addition to make them perfect for my needs. All the best, Dave
  4. Minidisc Auto Space

    Hi Philippe. I am old fashioned enough to still use a traditional hifi. But for convenience when out and about I use an ipod. So I need to transfer tracks from my minidisc deck to mp3. And Auto Space makes this very convenient for ME. So can you provide this software hack or are you only here to criticise others' preferred use of minidisc? I need assistance with a problem so please advise me how to solve my problem if you know.... By the way I buy, sell, repair all sorts of these decks. I have in my possession presently working 440, 480, 640, 780 and 940 models. Also other older pre-MDLP decks so your comments are superfluous.
  5. Minidisc cleaning discs

    Can somebody please explain the difference between a Lens Cleaner and a Head Cleaner? I understand that the lens is basically the laser but what is the head in a minidisc recprder deck? Many thanks for any explanations......
  6. Minidisc cleaning discs

    I had an interesting experience recently. I bought a very well used MDS-JE640. It was filthy after use in a theatre and covered in all sorts. I cleaned the laser first with isopropyl alcohol on a cotton bud and then wiped with the clean dry end. After this it played back but no record!! Then I used a Sony Lens Cleaner and sure enough it now records. But I have no explanation for this, also no TDK Head Cleaner.....
  7. BLANKDISC Error - I'm devastated.

    Hi Jim. Are you still here on this forum? I might have a project for you to investigate. It is a MDS 780 that does not spin, shows C13 error and ejects. If you are intersted please let me know here.
  8. md not spinning error 13

    I have cleaned the lens of the laser.