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  1. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    Thanks all. i'll give it a shot this week.
  2. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    Thanks sfbp. I'm in the UK using 240v and have never had cause to move voltage switch.
  3. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    Ok All. Carried out a fuse change as planned and on switch on Back light came on momentarily then went off again. Performed the reset as mentioned above and when 3 buttons are pressed I hear a click and when released I hear another click but no code displayed and no backlight. I've managed to check fuses again by only taking off side panel and F905 has blown again. Can't understand why this fuse keeps blowing and also which voltage is supplying power to display. I have uploaded power Circuit Diagram Any ideas?? Cct Diag.pdf
  4. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    Thanks NGY. I have removed the PSU and found that fuse F905 has blown. It is a 0.8A fuse that feeds the Main transformer. Not sure how much success I'll have but will give it a try.
  5. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    Yes. I can hear a slight click whilst pressing the power button. Is the PSU accessible?
  6. CMT-CP500MD Stuck in Standby Mode

    I have a CMT-CP500MD system which has decided to remain in Standby Mode. When I plug into mains I can see information on display as it displays the word Standby and also goes into Demonstration mode if I press Display on remote. The backlight however does not come on and pressing standby button does not switch on device. I am loathe to get rid of the system if it is something relatively simple that can resolve the issue, Is there an internal fuse or something. If there is no solution then it's off to the Hifi graveyard in the sky. Grateful for any support Kind Regards