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  1. Sound forge allows converting FLAC to AA3 (unprotected atrac3plus anybitrate you need or even atrac Lossless) with a batch processor. The only problem is that it doesn't copy metadatas from the source to the destination...
  2. Mac utility doesn't work anymore if you have a mac os later than 10.6.8. It's possible to make it work on your latest mac with parallels destop or virtualbox by installing a virtual machine with a OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8)
  3. nope didn't work. I've tried about everything, but MD Simple Burner 2 doesn't work on Windows 10 : Service only starts in XP compatibility mode App only starts with 98/Me compatibility mode either mode doesn't help recognizing the MZ-RH1. It even fails to simply check the cd drive whereas sonic stage has no pb doing it. Well, SS4.3 works fine so i let go... I'll try the Mac utility though
  4. oh shit, i forgot to let the protection tab in place, will retry !
  5. what about trying sending it to philippe in vietnam so he can try to use the singapour repair facility ? :-D
  6. you mean that on the RH10, when the display fails, everything else fails too ? on other minidisc players, you can still use the remote when the screen fails and it doesn't prevent the unit from reading discs.
  7. I finally managed to start it : in compatibility mode, set it to win98/me, as the XP compatibility stays in 64-bit while this app doesn't support 64-bit OS problem : contrary to SS4.3, it doesn't recognize the hi-md player
  8. Is there something i didn't uderstand here ? SS4.3 imports iTunes AAC files to MDs, the only problem is that it doesn't recognize well the tags in AAC apple files. (so it's put under a "blankname" folder)
  9. it looks a lot like the problem johnjohn solved on a youtube video : bad contact from the open/close switch. If it was just a read problem, the display would light and after struggling, you would get a read-error message. your problem looks more like a fast on/off due to the switch problem. To confirm, test it by firmly holding the lid closed by both sides after putting in a disk.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to know the date of a mz-rh1 production ? Mine has a 1.0 FW, was there any other version released and is it upgradable or hardware revision related ?
  11. Fridge, really ? I put just one on ebay, maybe i'll keep the other four...
  12. Also I had the chance to get my hands on a MZ-RH1 in perfect condition on ebay and the seller had 5 (!) LIP-4WM he put in the package. 3 appeared untouched and 2 had been used, but after 2 charges (1st attempts struggled to start charging on each one) all five of them can charge up to full capacity ! I think I'll sell two of them some time after the holidays
  13. I don't need the manual, be it's still pleasing to see nice guys thinking about the community ! :-)
  14. Nobody tried a direct connection to a new battery, since they already have a lithium based protection circuit built-in ?
  15. I just got one new and sealed hi-md for 21€ on e-bay (from finland) I don't lose hope. I stocked some classic 80min MD (i still got about a dozen blank + a dozen with recordings) Merci