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  1. Hello, (Possibly a bit late) but I do have one. Where are you located? /Per in Sweden
  2. I kind of like the idea of all music in my pocket but still recording lots of MDs - lately I've been (hoarding?) Network flash based Walkmans with true Atrac support to extend the heritage of MD onto newer platforms (read less space consuming) /Per
  3. Hi! Just wanted to share my (DIY) replacement for the LIP-4WM which quickly was made while awaiting a fully working LIP-4WM It might look a bit scary for some of you /Per
  4. Perus

    Sony MDS-JB980

    I’m using the JB980 for playback and analog recording while the JE470 mostly for digital recordings - a combo that works great for me. Both needed new loading belts and some cleaning but apart from that very reliable. /Per
  5. I'm not convinced that the LS settings helps with gapless sources on newer devices which doesn't cut the stream - even briefly - between the tracks like the older devices appears to to.
  6. I’ve also noted this “lack” of track dividers from certain CDPs and also BDPs. Also, Spotify connect and Tidal streaming with the fancy gapless technology often fails to divide the tracks on the target MD. Going to check if the Squeezebox plug-ins works better in that regard It appears that older equipment fairs better in this regard, ie they simply interrupt the digital stream between the tracks and triggers a new track on the MD. These are my finding fwiw /Per
  7. Ok now I’m officially embarrassed and should have known better than to blame Sony for making flawed equipment ;) The reason for the clipping in the analog signal chain was due to level limitations in my pc-based measuring solution - the same signal path has been used mostly for tape deck maintenance without any issues but didn’t handle the higher output levels of the minidisc decks very well :( I noticed that while tracing the clipped signal with my oscilloscope later this evening. Sorry to waste anyone’s time and I really hope not to be remembered as the guy who posted some questionable topics as a fresh member ;) Thanks for your patience, Per
  8. Suddenly I had this feeling that what if this is "by design" that a consumer recording shouldn't be as good sounding as pre-recorded media with (possibly) some type of control bit set to change the dynamic range in the playback chain like the "HDCD Peak Extension". Just a thought... About SF, the 980 supports it and I don't know when using that if the recording is re-sampled or the range just changed "on the fly" during playback. /Per
  9. Oh that was quick, many years since I jumped between V to dB and dBm that swiftly While investigating this further, I really hope someone else could confirm this as well just in case I've made some kind of mistake here. I hope to have some time this weekend to provide some oscilloscope traces and spectrum graphs to show the horrible result. /Per
  10. Hi! Ok, the JE470 behaves in the same manner, as soon as the recorded signal rises above -7dB the analog output signal is clipped. For the JB980 this is fixable either via using the digital output or decreasing the analog output level via setup/aout temporarily since its not possible to save. This "phenomena" happens both while listening to Minidiscs and monitoring through the input, digital or analog doesn't matter. I really don't understand why higher (>-7dB) signals recorded on the media is distorted in this way - especially since the manual states that the recommended recording level is one step below "over" which is close to 0dB. I've seen other recommendations for a maxium recording level of -12dB for some decks but not these decks. On the JB980 this little issue affects the headphone output as well - this is how I first started to suspect something was wrong. Any more suggestions on this? I'm certainly going to measure the supply rails for the OP-amps later as suggested (thanks!) and also trace where the signal clipping occurs. Btw, this is the "UK tuned" version of the JB980 /Per
  11. Hi! Just noticed while listening to music on the JB980 via aout and the phones jack that with the default output (setup/aout) level setting at 0dB the outputs clips for signals higher than -6dB (Also noticed this while injecting a -0.1dB 315Hz via the optical input and verified with a scope on the aout) Is that really normal? I guess since its a consumer device and recordings reaching 0dB levels with the aout set at 0dB should result in clipped output signal - why have aout at 0dB chosen as default then? My tape decks certainly doesn't behave this way... Anyone else noticed this? Going to compare with the JE470 later but since it doesn't have the setup/aout level settings I hope its going to be fine. /Per
  12. Ok videos coming up this weekend. Guess I shouldn't worry about the 718hrs then?
  13. Yes, I've tried with several new discs. So the clicky sound is pretty normal then? If that's the case I'm content with knowing that (Maybe I should post a video on this?) My first thought (and reason for asking) was that the sled motor might have been working too hard to correct something that wasn't properly adjusted and with time that could cause unnecessary wear on the mech. /Per
  14. Hi! I recently acquired two minidisc decks, the Sony MDS-JE470 and a JB980 - both needed a loading belt change and after that not so much more than the regular cleaning. However, with two (almost) identical mechs to study I've noticed that the sled motor on the JB980 appears to be pulsating (moving forward&backwards) during playback and recording a bit more compared to the JE470's more linear behaviour with the same discs. There's also a slight ticking sound from that. At first I thought there was dirt on the spindle causing some sort of disc displacement/imbalance but a thorough cleaning didn't change it and the discs appears to centered in the same way for both decks. Apart from this behaviour the JB980 also have several more "op play hours" on the laser compared to the JE470 - 718Hrs vs 1Hrs(!) With that being said, there's no issues whatsoever with reading or recording discs on either deck. So, should I be worried? should I do something about this ticking sound? is it normal from time to time? Are there any checks or adjustments to perform? This tickning sound has been observed on the JE470 as well but less often. /Per
  15. Perus

    Belts for JB980

    I'm collecting my JB980 later this evening where the belt is due for a change - as for my JE470 I'm going for another of these "belts"; https://www.walmart.com/ip/Rainbow-Loom-Black-Rubber-Bands-Refill-Pack-RL13-600-ct/47924563 Only 598 pcs left now /Per
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