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  1. convert MP3 to Atrac3

    Roger, I tried your suggestion and the track seemed to be converted. I connected the usb and tried to transfer. I get: These tracks cannot be transferred Unable to transfer track or tracks - Georgia on My Mind However I previously saw that tracks got renamed with the word "copy" I think and did not see this in the library. I now see that converted tracks are stored elswhere but I cannot import them as I get the omgjbox.exe crash even although I am running XP SP2 Is there a better way to manage the folders which SonicStage 4.3 uses? regards, Beemer
  2. In SonicStage 4.3 help it says Click next to "Get CD info" on the left, and then click "CDDB" under "Get CD info." The following options are displayed on the right: User registration Register Click to display the disclaimer confirmation dialog box, and then click "Yes" to register with the CDDB service registration wizard. In my copy of SS 4.3 there is no CDDB to click under Get CD info so I cannot start the register Gracenote wizard. If I import a CD is asks me to register but when I click "Yes" nothing happens. Port 80 is open I then installed Transrecord and it allowed Gracenote to "register" even although I did not need to enter a user name or password. So surely this indicates that either the SonicStage 4.3 is not working or Sony have stopped licensing of the GraceNote CDDB service? Beemer
  3. convert MP3 to Atrac3

    I have just bought a Sony MZ-710 minidisc recorder/player. I am aware of Sony not now supporting ATRAC but thought that I could transfer my MP3 files from my computer to the MZ-710 using SonicStage CP ver This conversion process starts then says 100% then I get a message "Unable to transfer the track or tracks" - Track name On the MZ-N710 screen I see PC >>MD Can this be fixed? Beemer