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  1. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Sorry krisnadii, I can't recall if NH-700 was one of the units you could adjust to play mp3 with a minor modification in the settings. You'll have to search through the forums Anyway, what fits better for you, of course And nice equipment!!!
  2. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Krisnadiii, I do think is a good back up for your RH910. At least it has been a good back up for my RH10 every time I have had to use it instead. About price I don't want to get a very high one, just something fair for both of us. Since your conditions, do you think 60€ plus shipping is ok? I have search in eBay and the same and the price for a NH700 is easily three times that, and although other members has let me know that prices are too much overrated, I think 60€ is a good one. What do you think? Oh, and don't worry, I trust people on this forum, always had good experiences, so I do believe is for your collection
  3. Sony MZ-RH10 for sale

    Well, 100€ plus shipping seems a good price for me. Are you interested?
  4. Sony MZ-RH10 for sale

    Hi everybody. I have sell all my Minidiscs blanks, so I'm officially going out from MD world It's sad but needed given my current space availability. So all the recorders/players I described in my first post here are on sale, including the RH10. I do want to sell, so I think we can agree a good pice for us. Please, contact me if you are interested. Ill check the recorder you are interested and let you know the actual state so we can set the price. Thanks everybody.
  5. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Uppps. Sorry NGY, I missed your message thanks a lot!!
  6. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Well, ok, you have let me know which are the real prices and I'm good with them. Anyone interested before going to eBay?
  7. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Ok, Sfbp and NGY, you have convinced me So, 100€ plus shipping costs for the RH10. It seems to me a bargain, but of course, that RH10 is my loved one, so maybe I'm a bit subjective
  8. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Hi sfbp. Really? That's a surprise for me. All the auctions and buy now ads i find in eBay and wallapop are nearer 300€ than 100€ O_O But I have always respected your opinions, so I will reconsidered it. Actually, I'm open to considered any offer I received and discuss it if needed. Thanks a lot.
  9. MD and HiMD player/recorders on sale

    Hi Zubo. Sorry, I'm traveling and didn't see your message. I have no decided a exact price, but searching ebay and the same, I was thinking about 225-250€,m (plus mail costs) that is a price according to those I have found. Thanks.
  10. Hello everybody. Because some family affairs including moving to a new home I'm reluctantly selling several of my MD and HiMD player/recorders in order to keep only what I'm gonna use. It's sad to me to say goodbye to my collection, but nowadays keeping it is impossible. I'm thinking of selling them in eBay and Wallapop, but previously I would like to give an opportunity to people here in the forums, since at least I know if they are buying them, my gadgets will be well treated and love So I'm gonna wait 2-3 weeks before going to public sale in those sites, in order to give time to people here that could be interested. The players/recorders on sale are the following: - MZ400: 1 unit. - MZ510: 2 units, blue one and silver one. - NH600: 1 unit. -NH700: 2 units. - RH10: 1 black unit...maybe. Even not being the one I usually take with me, it's the jewel of my collection, so it's difficult to me to let it go, but I can consider it if the offer is enough. With them I will include chargers, remotes and battery cases, but not all of them have accessories, so I will be adding to the first ones selling. Also I have lots (I mean LOTS :p) of MDs and HiMDs of all kinds, many of them new, that I'm not going to use either, so I'm keeping a good supply and selling the rest. There are many of them that a friend of mine got me in Japan in his travels, so I think there are some rare units and collections. If anyone interested in them, please let me know and I will send photos or any kind of information you could need. Thanks guys!
  11. Don't know what to do :S

    Hi guys!!! I'm very sorry for not answering so long time ago. First, we have troubles in my highschool at the academic year end (besides the usual ones as final exams, califications, etc). And after that, I have had troubles in my family with illness. Luckily, it's all ok now, but they hav had me apart of almost anything during this time. Now I'm back Well, sadly, as the academic year has finished, I can't do the test now, but I think we must design one during this summer and I'll do it with my students next year. This way, at least, we have time to design a good one On other concerns, you can see where q-himd transfer is now here: https://wiki.physik.fu-berlin.de/linux-minidisc/doku.php (look at Status title).
  12. Don't know what to do :S

    Well guys, another test? What do you want I asked my students about? Which formats shall we try?
  13. Don't know what to do :S

    Hi guys. I'm glad my test is worth for you I promise tomorrow I'll answer you more in depth, but now here is too late and need to sleep Oh, but Paperclip, of course I'll do another test. Tomorrow we will talk all of us about how to do it. Good night!!
  14. Don't know what to do :S

    Hi everyone. Again, thanks a lot to all of you for your help. After rereading yesterday several times your answers, I took a choice: since I'm a math teacher in highschool and now I'm showing my students statistical subject, I "use" them today for a small experiment: I have recorded three songs: Throne Room and Finale (from Star Wars ost), Greensleeves (by Loreena McKennitt) and Hail and Kill (by Manowar). All of them was recorded in four brand new MDs (Maxell Twinkle 80 color series). First in Hi-Sp through optical connection (option A). Second in Sp mode (optical again) (option , Third in lp2 mode from a wav ripped (from a cd) by SonicStage (option C). And finally, in lp2 mode from a Aal 256 ripped cd (by SonicStage) (option D). All in SonicStage 4.3 ultimate version. Then, I played them randomly in my RH10 joined to a 5.1 system we have in my school. I repeated the experiment with two groups of 26 students between 13 and 15 years. Also, I ask my 2 music subject teachers mates to hear the songs. Well, I have finished to calculate results now, and what I have got is, at least, curious: 40% of first group set this order (best sound to worst sound): B, A, D, C 35% of first group set this order: B, D, A, C 24% of first group: A, B, D, C 1% of first group: couldn't choice. 39% of second group: B, D, A, C. 35% of second group: A, B, D, C. 25% of second group: B, A, D, C. 1% of second group: couldn't choice. And teachers choice: B, A and D a draw, and C, with B sounding very very similar to A and D, but just a bit better. I know this isn't a perfect experiment, but anyway, stats are indeed curious. Oh, and I also participate in the experiment, and have to say that Sp sound best for me, but lp2 from Aal ripped cd sounds very similar, and too much better than a lp2 from wav ripped :S I still don't know why is this way, since, as paperclip says, all are digital ripped, so they should be perfect copies, but my ears, and my students and mates ones says another thing :S Finally, I have chosed to take the lp2 (from aal) path, since sounds very well for me, and is compatible with Hi-Md and Net-Md units (also, lp2 in a HI-MD disk allows for a gigantic number of albums for journeys ). Thanks a lot to all of you, and hope this little experiment was useful to someone PS: paperclip, from your words, I'm not gonna ask more about 16-24 bits, since it sounds as a weird thing for my not too much musical mind
  15. Don't know what to do :S

    Hi guys. Sorry, my internet connection was out along some days. And please, relax, this was a thread to ask for opinions, not for doing you fighting :S Sorry, my knowledge is too short for many of the things you're talking about, but overall, I can understand both of you, Paperclip and Sfbp. I always thought if I rip to wav, since all is digital, I would have a exact copy. But also it's true I have read a lot of people talking 'bout sonicstage ripping is not good, so maybe the problem is not with digital ripping and the same, but with the sonicstage ripping software, is it? And what Eriktous says also sounds right to me: maybe normal or fast ripping is meant for error correction. Don't know, but I think your three thoughts haven't to be each other apart, but join them to have a complete image of the problem. What is still in darkness to me is that of 24 bits on MD and 16 bits on cd. Could anyone explain it to me, please? And mmp64: since you say you use (only) netMD, what codec do you use? lp2 or sp? Also, I have some netMD units and some Hi-MD units, and haven't had concerns more with ones than with others: my N710 had button problems, and also my RH-10. Just for my knowledge: which kind of problems has HI-MD units? (of course, price is better for net-md, and - for me - a lot of net-md units are better looking than HI-md ones). Thanks a lot, and please, don't fight!