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    MZ-RH1(Black), MZ-RH1(Silver), MZ-DH10P(x2), MZ-RH10(Blue), MZ-DH710(Silver), MZ-NH1,MZ-NHF800(Silver),MZ-NH700(x2-Silver), MZ-NH600D(x3),MZ-NF810,MZ-NF520,MZ-N420D,MZ-S1,MZ-N1(Silver),MZ-N707(Blue),MZ-R500(Blue),MZ-R70(Silver), RM-MC55ELK(White),RM-MC40ELK(x3),RM-MC35ELK(x3),RM-MC38EL(Silver-2,Black-1)
  1. Who owns the MZ-RH1?

    I am LUCKY enough to own two RH1's, one black and the other is silver. I haven't even opened the silver one yet(except to make sure everything was there and that it worked). I'm saving the silver one for that unfortunate day when (and if) the black RH1 bites the dust. I simply love the machine...
  2. Upgraded Forum Software To Invision 3

    Lookin' good Christopher ! ! I have NO problem coming over here from the MDCF. Even though the MDCF will go down in web history as the greatest MiniDisc forum on the 'net, this site is going to top the MDCF in info, help and quality content covering all aspects of audio and peripherals. GOOD LUCK ! B.I.L.B.:D