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  1. MZ-B10

    I came across this thread from a discussion over at the Audio T-Board - any left?
  2. Minidisc Units for Sale

    Is the DR80 still for sale?
  3. My DS77 seems to have gone belly up, I enjoy the Auvi sound. I have a DR77 but would like a matching player - the DS8 is a good choice, or a DS30/70 etc. Please email me at superbaldguy@gmail.com if you have a unit to fit the bill. Thanks.
  4. [SOLD] Sony MZ-NH900 for sale

    Do you have the original box?
  5. Problem charging my MZ-R909

    I never found cradles worked well, they tended to overcharge the gumstick. FWIW, I don't get more than a year of decent use from a NH-14WM cell. The lithium ion batteries are a far better-working and more reliable energy source.
  6. Help All Minidisc are Blank after Recording

    Sadly, it's not economical to do so. The ribbon connector could also be the culprit as these tend to come undone after a few years of use, you may have better luck trying to solder that together.
  7. Sharp 821

    That was a common issue with those older Sharp units, looks like it's done.
  8. The Best headphones for MD use

    Didn't Sennheiser recently unveil the CX400's that have a short-cord? Otherwise, Sony have a few SL models of phones that are designed for a remote. The EX90SL's are about the top of the heap.
  9. rh1 and pk1's (unamped)

    Most buds are low-impedance (16 ohms) and an MD headphone amp should drive them quite well. If 19/30 is loud, that's sounds about right with the RH1. The PK2's are actually low impedance and are probably a better bet. If you're satisfied with the 1's without an amp, that's all that matters.
  10. Can I transfer mz-r50 recordings to my PC using a mz-nh700?

    R50's never die, they just keep going forever.
  11. Bugs in my MZ-R700

    Sony put the little eggs in all their MD units and, over time, they hatch and you have this problem. It's a sign you need a newer model.....Just being silly, I have never heard of this issue. Do you live in a high-humidity part of the world?
  12. MZ-RH1 vs MZ-M200

    I used to be very anal about stuff made in Japan, always preferring it, but it's just become a fact of life a lot of electronic toys are made in other countries. My MZ-S1 is about five years old, and I have other MiM units that are still working fine. Still, my flagship recorders are made in Japan and feel more solid and business-like. My EH50 is made in China, so Sony spread the manufacturing around quite liberally....... Camera gear is another story, I find it hard to look at anything but a Japanese-made lens or camera body.
  13. NH-14WM grey vs black

    In my experiences, the knock-off NH-14WM's are fakes, they might give you 10 charging cycles. Good luck.
  14. Which MD recorder should I buy?

    You were undoubtedly looking at the RH1 or the M200. Both are identical, save the latter includes a Sony stereo T-mic. These are the last MiniDisc units left on the market, unfortunately.
  15. 2 New Panasonic "Format-Crazy" Micro Systems, including MD!

    I guess this is one way to cover all the bases - make sure your mini system doesn't miss out on any format! I know there are still some cassette tape users out there, too.