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  1. Well well well, Sony seems to be getting the point, slowly but steadily. Maybe they were so scared when I sold all my MD gear a while ago and bought an MP3 player that they decided to try and win me back 3 must have's left on my list with points which Sony must get right before I buy MD again: 1) Atrac Lossless (or FLAC offcourse ) on the device itself. 2) Support for more operating systems, preferably by making some libs freely available and telling us how they work so that we can build our own application around them (I'd kill to have my MD-player show up in Rhythmbox ). 3) A Deck! HiFi w
  2. Breepee2

    The New Look

    With BasicX I see the adbot, with Refault not. What's up?
  3. I find keeping my Rio from falling on it's wheel a helluva lot easier than working with SS Cheers!
  4. Fires are incidental, not common
  5. Forums are no good reflection of the product. Most people will noyl come there when they got a problem. I you look here MD isn't rock solid either (while I've never ever had a glitch).
  6. Karma =! Carbon. Carbon has no build quality problems (Karma neither btw), a wheel constructed like that just can't handle high falls. Treat it gentile and it's not going to break. Some people are just not that careful, then shit happens. It's your own fault, not Rio's.
  7. I was aware of that before purchase. The wheel is actually quite sturdy. As long as you take a little care not to drop it on the wheel (or not at all, like I do) there's nothing going on. The unit feels pretty solid.
  8. Besides the marketshare, a professional company just makes sure it's users are not locked into anything.
  9. Well, I seriously doubt my dual Xeon 3.2GHz is the choking point here, both programs are the only ones that succeeded in locking up this machine, never seen that before. And only about 3GB took an hour to tranfer, it was even as MP3. Never used iTunes with a pod, but my Rio is just drag n drop.
  10. WIth units with big drives you'll probably want to fill it *fast*. Sony is no good at this point, it will take hours to fill a 20GB Sony MP3 player through SS or Vaio tools. Also you'll want a device that navigates this big amount of data easily and at least Sony's HD1 was a real hassle. Decide first how much you need on the road and what else is important. I've just settled for a 5GB Rio Carbon, because of physical size, battery life, soound quality, ease of navigation and method of transferring music (no application needed). You probably have some different preferences so I suggest to have
  11. Of course I used the same and not the standard headphones. They're Sony MDR EX71's btw. I also hooked it up to my HiFi set. And about the bitrates: I've always been a fan of high quality (thus high bitrates). Old SP versus Lame 3.97b1 preset standard.
  12. OK, I'll confess... I am weak... I've just folded under pressure... I've switched camps! As of today I'm an MP3-player user. Until a month ago I was still holding on to me Precioussss Sharp MDMT190, which, despite the realtime recording, was a solid unit with superb sound quality. The thing was that I didn't want to wait anymore to record in realtime. I was left with two options: HiMD and Sonicstage or an MP3-player After having toyed with NWHD1 I downright hated SS. Some can bare the pain, I really couldn't. Also: the crippled MP3 playback and the absence of both HiFi equipment and a lossle
  13. Why are newbie's so lazy Sometimes it's almost demanded that an answer is given within 5 minutes flat on a silver platter and suger on top. Seek and thou shalt find.
  14. Because it's demanded for mass storage compatible devices. The standard is FAT/FAT32. The Operating system writes and reads the filesystem itself, the unit (HiMD, external HDD, USBdrive) do nothing but facilitating lowlevel datatransport. That why mass storage devices can be formatted in any filesystem. But since Microsoft is one of the founders for that filesystem and Windows 98SE/ME were still its consumer OS'es, the devices had to be compatble with those OS'es, thus FAT/FAT32. Of course, since HiMD devices and MP3-players need at least reading capabilities (and some (like HiMD) write capa
  15. Since HiMD is a mass storage device it is technically allowed to use either FAT/FAT16 or FAT32. Perhaps only HiMD's inner working should be altered, but I don't think it's a big job to add FAT32 support, if it hasn't already but unused.
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