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  1. Sharp 4-pole headphone connector question

    The Sharp has a real nice, warm sound. Smooth base (set to Bass 2) and spacious highs/treble. Still using the 3-pole Koss KS-35's and no problem yet.
  2. Sharp 4-pole headphone connector question

    Well, I did it. The Sharp IM-DR80 came in the mail today and after I charged it I plugged in my 3-pole phones and guess what?... it sounds fantastic! The unit isn't getting hot or malfunctioning in any way. So I guess using the 3-pole phones is pretty harmless... at least for now. I'll continue to use it a lot throughout this week and I'll let you all know if anything changes. Not surprising, the 3-pole Koss KS-35's that I'm using sound better than the 4-pole phones that can with the unit. All in all its a pretty slick little machine.
  3. Sharp 4-pole headphone connector question

    So, what it sounds like to me is that I can use 3-pole phones without damaging the unit. All that will happen is I will be sacrificing sound quality. Is that a safe assessment?
  4. Sharp 4-pole headphone connector question

    Uh-Oh... conflicting reports. Does anyone know for sure? I read the manual for the DR80 and it doesn't say that you can't use the 3-pole phones with it... but then again it doesn't say you can either. Sinus, how long have you had/have you been using your DS70 with the 3-pole phones?
  5. Sharp 4-pole headphone connector question

    Thanks for the info. Guess I'll be sending it back unopened. Too bad. Looks like a great unit.
  6. Hey All, I just ordered a Sharp IM-DR80 from Minidisc Access. It state that it has a 4-pole headphone connector. Do I have to use the 4-pole connector only or will the usual 3-pole also work... I'm hoping yes since 4-pole arephones are pretty hard to come by. By the way, Minidisc Access is a great company to do biz with. Thanks. Carlie
  7. Problem Transferring MP3's

    What the heck?... I I've been using SonicStage for years and have NEVER had a problem converting and transferring files to MD. Today when I try transfer some MP3's to MD via SonicStage I get the following message: "Error Report Transfers not allowed" What gives? It doesn't even convert the files but goes right to the error report. I've uninstalled and reinstalled SS and rebooted numerous times. Anyone care to take a stab at solving this one? Many thanks.
  8. Downloadable Electronic Music

    I would love to bring this forum back to life. Does anybody else have any new sites that stream or where you can (legally) download music. Here's another trance site... www.crystalclouds.com Free registration allows you hundreds of legal DJ downloads.
  9. Portugese MD fan's MD museum

    I'm game... let's do it! I lost count at 22 units!
  10. Need Headphones?

    I just picked up a pair of Klipsch Image earbuds... http://www.klipsch.com/products/details/image.aspx I have never heard such amazing sound from any phones I've ever used. They're incredible!
  11. RealPlayer playback distorts & clicks

    Hey All, Well, it finally happened... RealPlayer made me update from v8 to v11. v8 just wouldn't open anymore without the prompt to upgrade. So I did upgrade. Now, streams play back with a click or pop sound. I never had this problem with v8. Honestly, it reminds me of the sound you get when playing a vinyl LP... pop, pop, pop, click, click, pop. Quite simply stated, how do I stop this? Thanks.
  12. (Re)Discover Audacity

    A440... Thanks for the thorough reply. Some of the streams that I record are actually from friends of mine in the "biz" and because the sets are sometimes 3 to 5 hours plus I like to record them for later playback and give them my full attention. No resale or distribution... just me listening and in most cases erasing the sets once they have been heard and I’ve given my feedback. I also record interviews in my research for work. Again, to listen in its entirety when I have the time to do so. Another thing, recording onto MD and listening while laying in bed or even out doors in the park is far more enjoyable, not to mention more comfortable than sitting at my PC at my desk and listening on my tiny speakers. So, time shifting it is. By the way guys, I had no problem getting to the "Total Recorder" website. Maybe should try, you think? Thanks again A440!
  13. (Re)Discover Audacity

    What particular question of mine is your answer of "yes" referring to? What particular question of mine is your answer of "yes" referring to?
  14. (Re)Discover Audacity

    Can Audacity, or any of the other programs be used to "record" streams onto a pc's hard drive while it is being played? This would be so that they can be burned onto a CD and listened to at another time... for those of us that are not at the computer long enough to listen to an entire stream and would like an alternative. Also, would this be considered "illegal copying"? I wouldn't want to do that.
  15. Who owns the MZ-RH1?

    I have 3 RH1's... 1 silver and 2 black. C