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  1. Reuse old earphones

    AFAIK there is a plastic butt that sticks out from the side, if no one wants your old pair, and you are going to throw them away, why not get a dremel and remove the plastic and try them on another device. You have nothing to lose but a bit of your fingertip if you aren't the handy type
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Charlie Winston's album, Hobo Especially Kick the Bucket. Incredibly catchy hook. My daughter said 'Dad, if I die before you will you play this at my funeral?' She is 12 where as I'm 51 Of course I agreed, and I hope who ever organises it understands her wishes! Great sentiments
  3. The Great Photography thread .

    WOWEE Very good! Can I ask what you used to get the noise so low?
  4. The Great Photography thread .

    Love the Betel Paan colour pop, and the contrast in the black and white is great Had a concert over the weekend, photography was allowed, but no flash, so have some 3200 iso shots John Linell and John Flansburgh better known as They Might Be Giants
  5. The Great Photography thread .

    Love the Panoramic shot. Two from my local wood and
  6. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    And 'Burn after Readin' should have been titled 'Burn after Watching'! Although I love the Coen brothers, and have the hots for Tilda Swinton, all I could see was 'Twelve Monkeys' in Brit Pad and Everett (from Oh Brother, Where Art Thou) from George Clooney. Not so much as disappointing but more of a what the heck?
  7. has just purchased 5 unused still sealed MD from a charity shop for

  8. Only allowed one MiniDisc in SS...

    Never has a thread said 'get your mp3's elsewhere' more than this oneand I'm not about to suggest that you do
  9. sell my RH-1?

    As you never use it, sell it. Someone will make very good use of it, and the day you regret selling it, remember that somewhere, you made someone happy! Sorry to hear about the laptop though
  10. Geocaching

    Hungerdunger, I hope the bug comes home soon. Gonna have to get one myself. Azureal, borrow a satnav, get one on your phone, just give it a go, its good excersise if nothing else!
  11. Geocaching

    I have just found my first geocache after about one and a half hours walk, great fun. I was wondering if anyone else here does it? Found a Geopiggy!
  12. The Official Happy Birthday Thread..

    Happy Birthday to the pair of you
  13. What Was The Last Film You Saw?

    I saw 'Il y a Longtemps que je t'aime' (I loved you a long Time) last night, incrdible acting, thought provoking story, and beautifully paced. three packets of tissues needed. And by sheer contrast, I have 'Burn After Reading' lined up for tonight
  14. What minidisc did I used to own?

    Mine was, but I couldn't record with it, therefore it was consigned to the 'spare parts bin' and was the perfect excuse to pay less than
  15. What minidisc did I used to own?

    MZN 910 ! thanks for the link, dunno why I wanted to know, but it was bugging me. I do remember it grounding out whenever I plugged in a mic, hence getting the NH1