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  1. Philippe C, Many thanks for the links! They answered my question!
  2. I really hate the minidiscs below! They are awful!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know which minidisc blanks are associated with the images below (10MDW74, 2, and 3)? If you would be so kind to upload a photo, I would really appreciate it! I am quite particular about the color collection minidiscs! There seems to be a lot of inconsistent labeling of the product codes for the minidiscs across the internet.
  4. Does anyone have any of these Sony rack cards lying around? Do you have any others from the same ad campaign? Looking to buy if you have any from the ad campaign in mint condition! Thanks, Drew
  5. Happy New Year to everyone browsing the forum classifieds! I have been a long-time browser of this site. I have been a minidisc user since 2004 with the purchase of the MZ-NF610, still my favorite NetMD model by far. I was saddened by Sony's decision to end minidisc production. It is still my favorite format for music precisely because there are moving parts and is mechanical. There are still actual buttons to press. One of the things I like most about minidiscs are the cases for the player--I have most of them and just need one to complete my collection. I am especially interested in the Hi-MD portable case (please see picture attached). Does anyone have one available for sale or know where I can purchase one? I would prefer a new cases, but I am also willing to consider cases in like new condition. I am will entertain any reasonable offers and appreciate any responses! Thanks, Dynamicdrew
  6. Does anyone know if the Australian version of the MZ NH700 has limited functions, such as lower volume, etc.?
  7. Maybe it's time for Minidisc to go? Let's see an UMD portable music device! That way all music can go on UMD's rather than on CD's, which really suck. So my wish list... A UMD player with built in FM radio, Line out/in, mic in, and 50 hour battery life with a color screen.
  8. What I would like to see in a 3rd generation Hi-MD unit: 1) Longer Battery Life 2) Larger capacity discs? I see no reason why this cannot be done... 3) More FM remotes! None of the 2nd generation MD players have remotes with this feature included! It should be backlit too! 4) The cool new display 5) Line in and Mic in ports 6) Around $300 USD Forget about a 1.3 mp camera! Is this too much to ask? Since I cannot find any MZ-NHF800 units left... I'll have to make due with my MZ-NH600D. Drew
  9. Why not just buy an old Desktop PC for $200 with the essential components necessary to install a windows operating system? All you need is a stick of ram, a small hard drive, cpu+motherboard, sound card, and you can use your mac's monitor, and possibly keyboard and mouse. If I were in that situation, that is exactly what I would do... Best, Drew