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  1. Query: MZ-NH600 Volume Level?

    Hi, I have always had a minidisc (well not for all my thirty years but the last ten at least), anyway my old MD player was one of the early Sony versions and i never had a problem with it. I have finnalyupgraded to a NH600 as a. i had a limited budget, b. i wanted to transfer music off my pc, and c. didnt fancy an ipod. I only have one question about the unit which is bothring me and thats the volume. Some albums i have transferred the volume is fine and loud enough for me but some albums i transfer the volume seems low. There is little difference in quality but the volume doesnt always seem loud enough. Is this something to do with the mode i record in and how much i compress it? or do i need to go into the service mode and increase volume manually?. I am a little scared to do the latter although i have read the threads on service mode i entered it o.k. this evening but didnt dare change anything. Please could someone help me. Oh big HELLO to each and everyone of you!! cheers jimbob