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  1. NW-A1000's Back Cover

    Hello there! Today, after a few days of use, i've dropped my NW-A1000 into the ground, but not higher then 8-10 centimeters. It didn't happen anything more then a few small scratches. Even before i've noticed weakness in the build quality. The front cover makes plastic noises when i push on it, and now - the back cover feels like a very used Nokia 3310 - like it can be removed. Is this normal? No big problem, but it feels like no quality. I can even press the back cover and it sounds like pressing a plastic button. When I put it on the table it sounds/feels like it's broken. Anybody else who has this "problem"?
  2. Interested in Sony NW-A1000

    Good Morning! Thanks for all fast answers. Well, I have taked a look on A3000 also, but money doesn't grow in my bushes, even if I hope so sometimes It's very good prices on the A1000 here in Sweden now. A pretty big difference between A3000. So, I go for the A1000. I haven't heard of the Winamp-plugin before. How does it work? Is it good? I've read about the GYM software, seems to be good. The sound output is the same on both players, right?
  3. Interested in Sony NW-A1000

    Hello there! This is my first thread here, and it seems like a nice forum. First of all, I just want to say that i'm from Europe, and my spelling in the english language isn't the best, but I hope you can understand me anyway So, here's the point. I sold my iPod yesterday and i'm about to order a Sony NW-A1000. But first, I just want to make a few things clear for me. I've read about this thing called "Sony Mp3 Manager." I've read a lot of forums, but still haven't got a clear answer. Can I use the player as a ordinary mass storage device, without any programs with the mp3 manager? I tried out the Sonicstage and honestly I doesn't liked it at all. I have used iTunes for a long time and it was like heaven versus hell comparing it with Sonicstage. And at the same time i'm writing, i'm asking you what you think about the A1000? Is it a good player? Can it show txt.-files on the screen? Very thankful for answers.