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  1. My Dumbest Recording Mistake

    Thanks A440, Good to know for next time...I think I only went through the manual two or three times thoroughly and I didn't recall seeing that info anywhere in it...
  2. My Dumbest Recording Mistake

    Hello all... I screwed up with the most basic of all caveats!!! During the recording of a concert, I noticed the battery power level drop one unit (from full)...didn't think much of it until the end of the show when there was only one unit of power left (I gasped, realizing my defeat). I knew that if I hit stop, there would be no more power to "DATA SAVE" so yeah I lost that recording simply because I didn't start with a fresh battery. Although, something occurred to me afterwards, I was wondering if I still might have been able to save that recording if I placed a gumstick battery into the MD unit as a back-up source of power - does anyone think that would have worked? Might be a great back-up idea for next time if you're ever in a situation where you can't pick up fresh batteries.

    hey I know the woes of a recording gone bad. luckily for me my depeche air canada show came out superbly. message me if you want a copy...
  4. Quality loss after uploading?

    Hello everyone! I am new to this board and appreciate the wealth of information shared. I am also a new user and advocate of the wonderful mindisc format. I primarily use my Sony MZ-RH910 to record and playback live music (mainly small club rock concerts using a Sony mic ECM-DS70P). My main concern is quality loss after uploading the tracks using SS 3.2. After converting the files to WAV and burning it onto CD-R's, the music appears to me to sound a bit flat during playback on my home stereo. It lacks the rich texture, depth, crispness and brightness that I get when I play the music on the unit itself, using headphones. Is there perhaps something I should/shouldn't be doing? FYI, my settings: Mic AGC: Loud music/Mic Sens: Low/ Rec mode: Hi-Sp, I usually try to stand in the sweet spot (or adjacent to the mixing board). My other concern is with the fade-ins/fade-outs. I want to make my recordings sound more polished and professional-sounding. To accomplish proper fade-ins/outs am I better off using a program like "Audacity" or adjusting the recording levels manually before and after the show? My apologies if these topics have previously been posted/discussed. Look forward to your responses.