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  1. Hi, Newbee here... First, thankyou to all the moderators and contributors who provide this webservice to all us MD users.It gives us 'Children of the NetMD' hope. Sigh....I won't SonyRanty.I'm too tired. I'm sure its all been said before anyhow. Guys, I'd just like once and for all to confirm a couple of things, if you would be so kind. 1st. This thread has nothing whatsoever to do with any HI-MD Format whatsoever. 2nd. This thread has nothing even in the slightest inkling to do with Transfering tracks/files/OMG's FROM A COMPUTER via USB/Digital/lineout/etc. to any type of MD device whatsoever. 3rd. Now I know all the buzz about doing it the digital/analogue Real Time way - BUT!..... Is there any known way - using any Software App what-so-ever(incl. SS 3.3) - to Upload Data via the USB port/thingy/whatever that they gave us on our NETMD's - to a reasonably Spec-ed PC...? Section 2 I am presuming the simple answer is: As far as NETMD Devices are concerned: THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH TO UPLOAD ANY AUDIO DATA FILES FROM A USB EQUIPPED NETMD DEVICE TO A COMPUTER. So...... I am left wondering.... After all the trouble Sony went to, installing a USB interface on my MZ-910 NETMD, there is no way to upload from the MZ-910 via the USB to a computer. Why is this so...? Is it entirely impossible because USB can't handle the format or a PC can't recognise something or other? Or is it simply because, Sony will not make available the code, or a decent straightfoward App. with which to do a good uploading job via USB available for NETMD models..? In other words, could it be possible..?...if Sony were to take an active interest in supporting NETMD customers who were lead to believe via the packaging and sales blurb that they were getting a true and good MD to PC via USB interface system? The Rep.s immortal line: "Oh! and you can hook it up to your computer!" Y'know, this reminds me of the Roland VS1680 .wav to PC scandal. Not only will Roland not produce a utility for converting 1680 Format to .wav for loading into PC Editor- even charging an amount for the software - but they obstinately refuse to make available the codec for the 1680, despite the 1680 being well out of potential buyers radar. Its corporate greed to the nth. So, though it may not be possible because Sony fail to support.... But could it be possible if Sony did support developement of a NETMD USB upload Software system..? This is what I want to know. Are Sony big meanies - or is there some real technical-(not commercial) issue that is impossible to resolve? Future Sony purchases of my will be decided by this answer. Ausraider3