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  1. SonicStage 4.2 Arrives With DSEE Support

    Sorry - this appears only in SonicStage itself. When transferred to a CD-R or to SONY MW-A1000 I don't hear the breaks. Olaf
  2. SonicStage 4.2 Arrives With DSEE Support

    I have not yet found out what DSEE does to your recordings (but I switched it on). But there seems to be something that bothers me with Sonicstage 4.2. That has to to with tracks. I am listening to classical music and opera, and I make tracks within acts - but the breaks between tracks must not be noticed when listening - the music must continue without a break. So it was before. But now with 4.2 there is a noticeable sound between tracks. Not a silence of x seconds but the track-change is noticable. Anyone knows how to eliminate this? Is it something new in 4.2? Olaf