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  1. I own two Minidisc recorders, one of which, the Sharp 722, from some time, after the initial check gives the UTOC error. I have found the service manual, which shows how to perform tests, but the test fail just on automatic adjustment. Here in Italy it is difficult to find assistance by SHARP. Can you provide any suggestion (at least the right mail address to have support)? Ezio
  2. problems with Lion: I do not know why but my Mac Book with Snow Leopard was able tu run Hi-MD Music Transfer 2 (although it is a PowerPC program!). Lion does no more works as it wants only Intel-coded applications. Possible solution is to create a small virtual machine (by means of VMware or Parallels or similar programs) running an older MacOS X (possibly 10.4) c.
  3. Hi-MD Music Transfer for Macintosh v. 2.0

    I transferred mp3 files from my Mac to the MZ-RH1 and everything worked fine. I haven't yet tried to transfer to my Mac mp3 files. I used the software provided by Sony. E.