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  1. How much should I hoard for a lifetime of MD use?

    Hey, that was a long time ago. It gets a little fuzzy (LOL). I do still have my original bundle from '92. My parents gave me the option of that or the phillips cd recorder that was also new then. I had already chosen the MD route, when they told me my other option afterwards. I'm happy I went this route. I have always chosen the path less traveled.
  2. How much should I hoard for a lifetime of MD use?

    Good to see, I'm not the only forward thinking "hoarder". I probably have 10 portables. That counting the four Hi-md's I've acquired over the past six months. (3 of 4) are the same for that exact reason. Also, at the time it was cost efficient. Peeps were selling those units with one or two 1gb blanks. So I couldn't resist. The others are mostly mdlp units. I also have 3 decks, which I use to record tracks in my home studio. I also went through a phase of hoarding md blanks. I was smart enough to buy in bulk before my supplier got wind of the price hikings of others. I just wish, I was that smart about the Hi-md's though. I have at least 200 used blanks, plus another 80-100 new blanks. That should last me for the next 10-20 years I hope. If not, I'll go back to eBay for more. We are unique in our enjoyment of such niche items. It's only right that we would want to preserve our ability to continue enjoying them. But, I've been hooked since '89. I still have a need for the last RH1's, to feel complete. Sometimes, its all about the chase... Peace...Netm8kr
  3. HiMD discs for sale

    Are these still available????
  4. SI: Sony Intros New Addition to the Blu-ray Family

    The "Rental Button" is just a "jump to slot 0" button. Which the rental slot is "0". Or is it "1". I'll look again at mines at home later.
  5. Damn, I wish I would've collected the "1GB's" like I did "80min's" back when they was dirt cheap. Didn't go with my gut that time either, and its gonna cost me in the long run. First gut feeling, Blu-ray changers. Should've got more than one, then they stopped making them too. Yes, a lucky one indeed.
  6. FS: HI MD 1 GB disks

    What are you looking to trade or $$$ for these?
  7. WANTED Sony MD blanks

    I have tried these guys in the past. I thought their prices was good. Here is the link. Peace...Netm8kr http://www.tapeonline.com/minidiscs