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  1. recording problem

    many thanks to all I've tried to set the sensitivity at a lower power and it works fine but sound are too soft and low maybe I'm expecting too much from the mics!? tonight if I've the right cable I'll try to connect mic-->guitar amplifier(that work fine with the mic)-->line out from the ampli -->line in md and see what I get if it dosen't work I'll try so follow the instruction from Guitarfxr best reguards Matteo
  2. recording problem

    hi to all I'm new in this forum I'm here cause I've taken a used mic and md to record sound (for a short movie) instead the mic of the videocamera! the mic is a Sony ECM-959A Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone that have a AA battery inside to power it but recording with a minidisk by sharp that I've bought on ebay (mt88) it have line in and mic in but recording with mic in H and L (even at the max sensibility) the clip have a very low level and a lot of noise. I think that the two unit are in good order infact: For the minidisk if I plug a cheap microphone in the mic in, it work and with not as noisy as with the sony mic ...and I've to set at not high sensibility and also for the mic (the sony one) I've plug it in a guitar amplifier and works good if I plug it in the stereo(radio cd) that have a mic in or in the pc mic in (audacity) I've got the same problem of the minidisk ...low level clips did you think I need a preamp ....if so I've looked at it (price in particular) and are very expansive so looking on the net i've found some pcb scheme: http://www.geocities.com/ferocious_...p2.html#circuit and http://www.audacity-forum.de/downlo...-mic-preamp.gif I'm also a newbe in electronics but looking at the scheme I think is not so difficult to build what did you think? I attach also the spec of my mic and the md for now many thanks to all best reguards Matteo Pozzi