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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I really don't want to learn how to sell on eBay just for these... hopefully someone on this forum wants them and will offer me a fair price for them. I will ship them insured at your expense and package them safely. Both have sat in the closet for years with no use. I tested both units and everything functions perfectly. Both come with working remotes and I have extra batteries for the MD3. Had to start a new user on the forum because my old one wasn't function for some reason... sorry. You can email me at mick_t@zoho.com for more info. Thanks Mick Bonners Ferry, Idaho
  2. Hello once again! I have a bundle of 17 minidiscs of various brands - TDK, Sharp, Sony They are a mixture of 74 and 80 minutes discs all NEW and SEALED I'm asking for 25 of your Earth pounds I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/NrueW Thank you
  3. Hello again! I have for sale my Sony MZ-N10 It is in lovely "as-new" condition - just check the photos. Lovely magnesium body. Fully kitted out MDLP with Type-S, NetMD and Acoustic Engine, more info http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N10.html I include the original remote and the instruction manual. Sadly I have no means of charging the built-in Li-ION battery and I do not have the AA sidecar so I must specify it as "untested" however from memory I believe it worked fine. It has just been sitting unused for years. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Gl4Gw Please PM me for offers!
  4. Hello all again! I have a Sony MZ-R900 in Electric blue. Just the unit, no AA sidecar as in photos. My nickname "Arr-Nine-Hundred" refers to this, my favourite of all the portables. I'm just having a clear out is all. This unit plays and records properly. It is in good condition for the age. Lovely all-aluminium body. With MDLP. One of the last models made in Japan. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/9TUCA Thank you
  5. Hi I am trying to revive my 16 years old Sony MZ R500.. The device plays with no problem my old MD's ( which I recorded 16 years ago ). The problem is with recording .. ( no surprise here .. ) The recording process will start, the device is recording until I press STOP. Then a flashing "SAVE" appears - probably reading the buffer , followed by a flashing "END" - writing the TOC. I am monitoring the recording with earphones and there is no evidence of the problem. While playback the recorded MD, it turns out that the recording has blanks on it. The audio will start but then after a couple of seconds it will go away (the counter is still running ! ). The audio will return eventually but not from the point it stopped. Then again, after a couple of seconds it disappears again. Reading the same Disc with a Sony MDS JE530 reveals the same problem. Recorded MD's from the 530 plays fine on the MZR 500 along with my old MD's which I recorded 16 years ago on the MZ R500 .. Anyhow, I tried to synchronize the blank spaces with the spin up and down during the recording * but it seems that the blanks appears in a different locations in the track - meaning audio has blanks even when the disc was spinned up while recording. * BTW, is it normal for the MD to spin up and down while recording ? I though spinning up and down is for playback mode only. I tried digital and analogue source, Standard/LP2/LP4 - same problem. I used a new battery and replaced it when I realized that there was a problem but got the same result. Unfortunately I don't have the power supply. Any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance the_1_shark
  6. Hello All, I recently came across my old Sony MZ-NHF800 minidisc recorder and all related devices. I have no use for the items now and was wondering 1. If anyone could identify the model of the microphones and 2. provide me with an estimate of the worth of the items pictured? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Sony Bravia w60b LED

    Hey people, I got myself a Sony Bravia LED TV w60b that worked and still works good, but after a month a little box with a text startet to appear on the right down side of the TV everytime i touch or put batteries on the remote control. The text says: ''Recorded Title List cannot be displayed. Please connect a registered USB HDD to the USB port to view Recorded Title List''. And the remote control can't function when i dri to use it. I can only manage the TV by its the buttons on it. I don't own a HDD device or anything like that. It is really annoying and i don't find anything on the net about how to fix it. If someone have any clue or idea how i can fix it by myself i will apreciate it. Thank you very much for your attention
  8. Problem in LCD TV

    Having an issue with my Sony KLV-BX320 model TV. I had purchased a Sony KLV-BX320 in September 2012. In just two years the display has faulted completely. When I contacted the customer service centre they have asked Rs.13000/- for the repair which is almost half of the TV cost. The customer service center says there are three possible reasons why a TV display might get faulty which are as follows: 1. Current Fluctuation 2. Power socket issues 3. TV main being on always. All these three reasons are not being done as I use a stabiliser as well as have proper power sockets at home. The TV gets switched off evertytime after use. Hence I am just not able to figure out if just two years is the life of a Sony TV, then what is the brand assurance that a customer can get. Kindly tell me what can be done as paying almost half the price for repair of a two year old TV is totally bad and gives a bad impression on Sony products. If required I can give the photoscanned copy of the Bill of the TV purchased along with the warranty voucher Thank you.
  9. Problem with software update

    I press the netflix button on my sony bravia tv, but when it loads it tells me that my tv needs a sofware update. I press the button to install the new software update it says it will start downloading but then it says there is no new update and sends me back to what i was watching. The problem is it won't let me watch netflix or use any app because it needs an update but there is no update available. Please help
  10. Funky MD Units From Japan

    As many of you know already, MiniDisc was at its most popular in Japan, in fact music in that format (Pre-recorded MDs) have been released and sold there as recent as 2010 (!) So not surprisingly, Japan has PLENTY of nice units that play and record MDs. I've been a regular user of an auction deputy service that allows you to bid on Japanese auction sites (most commonly Yahoo!). Recently I have won a bookshelf MD Unit made by Aiwa in 2003 - and I am in LOVE with it! Take a look: Here are some of its awesome features: the display changes colors (511 according to its manual!) Its FM covers the world spectrum (76-108), though the AM tuning is in japanese steps (9 khz starting from 531 - I don't use AM) You can record in different ways - from Radio to MD,CD, or Cassette, from AUX to MD,CD, or cassette, From CD to MD or Cassette, From Cassette to MD or CD The bass on this (called i-bass) is UNBELIEVABLE and comes in two modes, iBass1 or iBass2. The Cassette deck is right on the top of the unit (that little slot at the top) This thing also has a mode where it will tell you what day it is when you turn it on - it notes important birthdays as well as Japanese holidays. On a humorous note, yesterday, it mentioned that it was Greenery Day, though that was actually changed to Showa Day in 2007 (this thing was made in 2003). More about Greenery Day in Japan (it's like our Earth Day): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenery_Day Minidisc.org has a little section on this unit here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Aiwa_XR-MJ1.html So this is a pretty sweet unit, and the sound is just awesome. It was also cheaper than I thought. When I won it at an auction, it was about 6000 Yen (around 60 bucks or so), though the shipping (from Japan, remember)...yikes. So, have any of you thought about getting any MD units from Japan? Have there been a few you've been drooling over, like I did over this one? If you did manage to get one, please show it off here!
  11. Dear SonyInsiders, I stumbled across this forum as I searched for some details of my MZ-E10 Minidisc Portable Player. So I thought I'd post it here first and see any members are interested in purchasing it? I cannot remember when I bought it - I bought it in London. I had many Minidiscs back in the day - but stupidly threw them when we moved from London to Zurich back in 2009. I pretty much have photographed it from all angles. So I hope you can see the condition is top. The Ear Phones are the Originals - I never used it that much to be honest - I just kept hold of it. Please see the photos and if your are interested - send me a PM or so... Oh - if you wanna trust me (as I'm a newbie) I can send you a Web Link privately to my own Company based here in Swistzerland. So wishing you all a wicked weekend wherever you be. Regards Benoit Oops. The Plug to the Charger Cord is a 3 Pin UK (United Kingdom) Type.
  12. I have a MZ-RH1 unit , black, almost new, original box, in mint state, I used it for 12 hours in total. included are: 1GB HIMD MINIDISC AC charger 100-220V RM-MC38EL remote control with LCD and backlight USB CABLE SONY E0921 headset Rechargeable battery lip-4wm Manuals I could sell the unit at an interesting price and to somebody who takes good care of it. The MZ-RH1 is located in Spain, but could be sent to anywhere is needed. Nothing to hide. Here is a set of pictures taken yesterday, with different views of unit, package box, manuals, etc.
  13. I use a deputy service to buy stuff from overseas, usually Japan. A couple months ago I made a bid on an MZ-R37 through that service on a Japanese auction - and it turned out to be the only bid. It just happened to be the Purple version of the MZ-R37. I heard it here and there was rare, but there isn't much info about it. Is it really THAT rare? One guy said it was "the rarest one on the planet". Is that true? FYI, it came with a pair of headphones and a remote and works perfectly. It's in very good physical shape too - one thing about Japanese second-hand stuff from my experience, nine times out of ten it looks and acts like new (with a few minor marks here and there).
  14. NW-S205F not recognized

    I have this NW-205F and when I plug it in to my Windows Vista Laptop it says USB device is not recognized. When I plug it in to my XP laptop nothing even comes up. Any advice?
  15. Sony MZ-RH1 for sale ! LIKE NEW ! Hi, I am now selling one of my Sony MZ-RH1 walkman, since I dont really need it (I have 1 more). It have been used MAXIMUM 3 hours, it have no scratches and is working perfect. Included is original package, manuals, remote and headphones (which has never been used). Original reciept is also included from Mediamarkt in Germany. I can post here from Denmark anywhere in Europe at 30 EURO, and we can use Paypal for your safety of payment. This is the best MD ever made from Sony I think, it plays and records all MD formats and is very very rare now. Grab the bargain. 500 EURO or best offer over 400 EURO. First come first serve ! These units go for over 6-700 EURO now when they are hardly used ! PS: Also check my other adpost of the Onkyo MD-133 here: Contact email: peter_marquardsen@yahoo.com Peter, Denmark
  16. New here, but not to Minidisc.

    So I'm not new to Minidisc (as the title says). It is a format I've been familiar with since ... 2003? 2004? I was at secondary (high) school at the time I had my first player. It was a Sharp MD MT80, although for some strange reason, I could have sworn the screen and buttons were the opposite way around. Funny how memory works. Back then it was recording music from a CD player track by track, which often helped kill boredom, but its not something I would have the patients for nowadays. Which is why, in my search to get back into the format, I aquired a NetMD device from eBay. It cost £30 and came with a charger, some discs, the software cd and all the cables. It is a Sony MZ-N510, which is fairly common I think, but its a damn good player/recorder. I had trouble initially with aquiring SonicStage 4.3 but I found it, and I also had to get 64bit drivers too. I am also going to get hold of a Minidisc seperate/deck/thing from a friend whose dad has two of them, a Sony MDS-JE440. It's going to cost me £10 (as opposed to £50 which is what he would ask elsewhere) as I'm a family friend, which is an awesome score. Looking forward to that. It was very important that the player I was looking for supports MDLP since I do my discs in LP2 mode. Many people on eBay do not state this and a lot of the photos I was looking at also don't reveal much. And are also considerably more expensive. For portability and being out and about, I find that LP2 is fine, and from what I've played through my Hi-Fi, it also sounds perfectly fine. I can average about 3 albums per disc. Whether it will sound the same or not through the MDS I will have to wait and see, but I can't imagine there will be much of a difference. I'm not entirely sure why I went back to Minidiscs ... I just remembered them one day and started missing them. Been using them ever since. I've also been looking at various discs with different designs but they often cost a bit more than my budget for such items would allow. I have bought some extra discs though, some rather nice Sony Premium discs that are gold coloured. I will likely keep this post up to date with my progress regarding the MDS-JE440 and whatever else comes to mind. Thanks for reading!
  17. It is in perfect condition, there are only mz-rh10 and 80min md disc Price: 265 USD, including shipping. but i without paypal fees. I can send it to worldwide with secured and confirmed paypal account. Also i've sony ecm-ms907 stereo mic: 50 USD for it 1 gb sony hi-md media: 1 sony used: it is priced 20 USD 1 sony new, unopened box: 40 USD
  18. Got the following items for sale: 1. Sony MDX - C7970 Minidisc car radio 2. Sony MDX - 66XLP 6 disc MDLP changer Used, in good condition, includes all cables and manuals. Please PM for further details.
  19. [WTS] MD blanks

    Got a limited number of factory-sealed MD blanks available for sale - Sony ES 74min. individual pack, earlier verion with white hard case; three available; - Sony ES 80min. 5-pack brick, later version with individual soft case (sort-of), one available; - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one available; - TDK XA 80min, transparent/black hard case, one available. SOLD items: - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one SOLD to zokuchou (6-5-2013). See attached pic for detail. Also available (not shown; pic to be added later): TDK 80min blanks, series unknown, transparent casing, outer wrapping removed but individually sealed. 5-6 available. Pricing, shipping TBA. Shipped from Asia. I also have other legacy media available, such as blank DATs (Sony standard and ES grades), as well as analog VHS/SVHS tapes and audio tapes (Type 2 and 4). All factory-sealed and sold as-is. Interested parties pleae reply to thread or send PM for detail. Thanks for reading.
  20. Hello! I've 5 hi md blank media: 5 of them are: 109USD (included postage to anywhere in the world.) Also you can buy it from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130839224310
  21. I have a sony vaio vgn-cr320e/p with mobile intel r 965 express chipset Intel shows on their website that there is an updated driver for it but sony hasnt had one since around 2008 and the Intel installer says something about it being custom and to download from the manufacturer of the computer. So the problem is that according to Sony it is up to date. Is there anyway around this? I really need to update it. Thank you.
  22. Hi, something weird happened to me lately with a MDS-JA555ES: By some strange coincidence, not one, but two minty 555s showed up on German eBay two weeks ago, on two different ends of Germany, and one of it in my very hometown! I took this as an unbelievably happy coincidence, so I just had to get this thing. And so I did. When I went to that place to pick it up I noticed that that guy had no more than 5 (five!) self-recorded MDs (he had set his MDs, most of them still unwrapped, in another auction, which I hadn't noticed). So the tale of this machine only having 10 hours on it may well have been true. I insisted in having it plugged in and trying it, and so it was set up to record from a small portable CDP I had brought with me, connected to the analog input. Of course I had also brought the correct cables, but the stupid part in me had packed headphones with the wrong plug, so I couldn't listen. When I put in the blank CD (an obscure used one I had got from somewhere, sometime), a strange thing happened. The display showed that the deck recorded, but the display was stuck at 0:00. The drive buttons wouldn't respond to stop, eject or anything. The deck wouldn't even go into standby anymore. It wasn't until we pulled the wall plug and plugged it back in, that the deck would act normally again. It wasn't very helpful that the vendor couldn't remember (or pretended to) how to operate the deck at all. After that incident, I ejected the failed disk, inserted another one, erased it, and started all over again. This time, everything went fine. I had been ready to cancel the deal, but decided to go for the chance that this would have been a singular incident. After all, I had already had a disc that (while playing) got stuck on 0:00 before (although it hadn't taken the whole deck's operations down), on a deck that ever since has been working 100% reliably. And when would such a lucky chance (no parcel service to throw around the deck on transit) come along ever again? So I decided to carry through. Since I had lugged that thing home (it is heavy!), I haven't had any time to play with it yet. But today, I had this weird MD in my hands, when I wanted to make some test recordings in another place, and I decided to use it, and see whether it would fail again. Then I noticed that the "0:00" recording was completely intact. It seems that the deck's firmware had somehow crashed, but the deck had still recorded fine. (And when had the deck updated the TOC? I hadn't noticed that at all.) So WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT? BTW: The seller told me that one bidder had sent him instructions on how to go into service mode an read out the hours played/recorded (he even showed me a printout of the instructions). And he'd gone there and done that. Maybe this has something to do with the phenomenon. Any way to reset the deck to factory state? Regards, Alex
  23. Wait a minute ! - did you see this ?

    http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/09/13/premium.player.has.tegra.2.wi.fi.bluetooth.dnla/ It is an Android music player with linear PCM format . I am about to buy Sony MZ RH1 MD player for linear PCM lossless music but I am going to keep an eye to this yet releasing music player . Only feature I will miss is the feeling to insert minidisc .
  24. Am I too late ?

    I have been planning to buy MZ RH1 for a few years but my being student budget/education expenses excuses hadn't give me chance to buy it until now but I have slim papers that makes people work for it for life . I want to buy silver color but it is available only on Japanese retailers . I have checked SonyStyle JP , Kakaku , Rakuten and no chance , it is out of sale or something like that , because I can't read Japanese and Google Translate doesn't help that much , can someone confirm that if SonyStyle JP is still selling ? Thanks . I have checked also Ebay and there are only Hong Kong Black editions ; are HK Black and JP different or made in the same factory or the one is made in China and the other is made in Japan ? Also , let's say I have a CD album and ripped music tracks on mp3 format to my computer and then to MD player (Atrac/PCM format) and I ripped , converted the music tracks from CD to MD player directly via SonicStage software on computer ? Is quality of music tracks going to be different ? Can anyone suggest me japanese retailers where I can buy a silver MD player ? I might use forwarded shipping .
  25. WTB-minidisc player

    Hi all. i looking to buy a minidisc player as i am kind of the type to do things no-one else around me does. I'm kinda partial to the Panasonic sj-mj88 but i am open to others. The reason i want the MJ88 is its low profile design and for the reference it had in the anime NOIR. I know its just a player and i still need a recorder so im also up for that. Do not hesitate to offer other players/recorders. My price range is no more than $150 USD shipped. Has to be working and in good condition. The only thing that can be wrong with it is the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced. Post or send pics (email: omegadman@gmail.com). Thanks!