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Found 6 results

  1. I just recently got a MZ-N505 second hand. And when I put a disc in it reads it, then starts playing, it even has the bar up top showing the levels. BUT there is no sound coming from the player. I know that the disc's are good because I have a MZ-NE410 and the discs play just fine on those. I dont have the remote for the MZ-N505 but I did try another remote I had. Does anyone have a clue as to what the issue might be that I can not get sound out of this player? I have also tried other headphones for the player as well.
  2. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  3. Mint condition, less than 200 total running hours, bright display, scratch free front. Original box, remote, manual. Free shipping within Europe, fully tracked and insured. PM me for details. Up for a few days only.
  4. If anybody is interested: here is a very nice, hardly ever used MDS-JE640. This rare model has everything a versatile home MD deck should have: MDLP, SF-edit, pitch control, PS2 keyboard connection, coaxial and optical digital in, optical digital out, Control-A1II, etc. European 230 Volt version, made in Japan.
  5. There may be those wondering what record mode to use and when. I'm only covering the modes I'm familiar with, there are others on Net MD and HiMD devices. Mode Description: Stereo: Stereo is the standard recording mode for Minidisc. Stereo uses ATRAC compression to record two separate channels on the disc. In this mode the record time is indicated on the disc package plus an additional 59 seconds. A 74 minute disc is 74:59 and an 80 Minute disc is 80:59. This mode is compatible with all Minidisc players and recorders. Mono: Mono is another standard recording mode for minidisc. Mo
  6. i have a bunch [like hundreds] of old MDs with mono, SP, LP2, LP4 recordings, with track divisions and names, i want to move to PC i need the original MD track divisions and names to remain intact what is best way to do this? i would not mind buying something like an Hi-MD MZ-RH1 less preferable is a pro deck with optical outputs, but Hi-MD MZ-RH1 would be preferable since it is also usable for future live recording etc but i need to know it would do this, for certain [[though flash recorders severely make this less appealing as years go on and prices drop...]] i c
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