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Replacement Battery For Aiwa AM-F70?

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Hi, all -

I have an AIWA AM-F70 that has given me good service. However, the 3.6 volt, 700 mAh AIWA battery -- #LIB-902, lithium-ion -- is not holding its charge. (It's a gum-pack shape).

I can't locate a duplicate, but the Sony NH-14WM (3.7v. 1400mAh; NiMH) looks to be the closest and has more power, although the listed dimensions seem wider than my current Aiwa battery.

Also, all listings say the Sony NH-14WM is compatible with the AM-F90 only; there is no mention of the F-70.

Can anyone please tell me what the correct replacement battery would be?

Many thanks in advance.

Michael Cala


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one of the european-selled similar Li-battery AIWA LIB-902 is to get at:

Mr.Martin/ Netherlands, >>>>mail to: fax@tutu.demon.nl,

Price EUR 43,- included postage within europe.

The batterieycase at AM-F70 (also for F-65, -F75, -F80) is formed only able for this accutype. At the AM-F90 the battery-source was changed to the more stable and easier chargeable NiMH-technology, the inside-accu has little different dimensions. Former LithIon-Batteries like the LIB-902 are critical if decharged to deep (never startup), also the cycles are not so much than the NiMH-types if very often used.

Deeply decharged Li-Ion-accu's are possible to recharge, when delivered meantime from protecting-electronic minicircuit inside, and smoothly start-encharging direct into the cell, >>>but is dangerous, I do not recommend this to unable users !!

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I have just started using my Aiwa AM F5 again after a long lay off. The rechargeable battery will not charge, it too is an LIB-902. I had a look at the NH-14WM in the store, it looks a similar size, but I couldn't open the packaging to test. I don't whethere the AM f5 is compatible with NH type batteries or not though.

The problem i have is that the LIB-902 will not charge at all. I can only play off the mains, i don't know whether this is because the battery has died or there something wrong witht the system internally.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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All of you who love AIWA MINIDISC player MODEL AM-F80 AM-F70 etc USES the following battery type: LIB-902

FACT: Battery is EXTINCT. no ones make them anymore.

GREAT NEWS: you dont have to go around hunt for used one that likely passed shelf life which does not hold charge and pay 100+ dollars!!

SOLUTION : AAA Li-Ion ULTRAFIRE 3.6 VOLT. cost about 3 dollars at Ebay.

Does it fit? YES it fits into the battery compartment slides right in.

Its DIAMETER is 1 cm which is exact match for OEM LIB902 and it fits into battery compartment. see picture insert. fits right in.

Its cylinderical compare to OEM lib902 and shorter so you need to make small coil spring and put it inside of battery chamber to fill the gap! thats it .also I used cutout paper to make the floor elevated a bit before insert battery.(see photo it has cardboard cut out on floor of battery compartment) Note that in the photo you see paper wrap outside of spring to prevent coil spring come into direct contact with battery compartment wall. to make a coil buy a good conducting wire like Copper etc and warp around the small diameter pen(which is less then 1cm in thickness) few times and make the coil then at the end make the small tip to contact with plates.

You can use regular 3.6 V Li-ION charger to charge the battery and use it. Works perfect I use it as they work great.. Better and much cheaper then the OEM LIB902 but it has apx same mAH!500 vs 700 mAH JUST BUY few packs say 6 and charge it at once then use it .

GOOD LUCK TO YOU . AIWA AM-F70 is one of the best recorders I know, its only the battery that made this recorder unusable or have to use it with bulky external battery case. Many trade in AIWA for this reason but now you dont need to.

If you dont have optional external AA battery pack. you can use any other types of external rechargeable battery backups (look for PSP yellow tip plugs) it will fit into the AIWA power plug.

Alot of AIWA AC plugs are interchangeable with SONY so look for one if you need it.



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