Hi, I've been trying to get my CMT-M333NT connected to my PC (running win7 64bit), but I can't get it to work. I have the original disc that came with it and have installed the software. (while installing, I get this error: The following files did not self-register or unregister: 1 C:/Program Files (x86)/Common files/Sony Shared/AVLib/OpcWMA.dll). When I plug in the usb cable, Windows starts installing the drivers, but SONY USB COMM cannot be found (5 other are installed). When I try to run M Crew, I get the error "Equipment does not respond. Check connection". When I try to run Sonicstage, I get this error: "Cannot locate the application required. Exiting application." All I want to do is use NetMD to transfer some music to MD! Can anyone help?