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Another SONY format being abandoned.

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Well MiniDisc users, we are seeing time once again pull at the strings of SONY or shall I say the bean counters are looking for ways to recoup money. Look at this artical and also look at the comments.


By the comments, this was again another format that the users liked and it performed well as a piece of equipment, does this sound familiar???

I heard that the leaders of SONY were not the learned engineers of old time SONY but accountants who make decisions by dollar signs and graphs. Well, it shows by the decisions that SONY has been making to abandon various products. Not to mention the huge laptop battery recall. If it seems SONY is not in friendly waters, its because they seem to be making some bad decisions. Whether abandoning the users of the 8mm video format is a good choice or not is something SONY will have to live with. But it seems they are orphaning quite a few products that were in the buyers eye as a useful convenient tool. Things have become quiet about the restoration in Japan and one might think this announcement may be for SONY to rebuild a damaged facility for production of another type of equipment. This makes one wonder if SONY is really in as good of shape as a company as they once were. Time will tell....

Keep Those MiniDiscs Spinning, WHY ELSE ARE YOU HERE?

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