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just bought a Marantz CD recorder DR-6050

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Sound absolutely great !

I think it will be very usefull to record CDs in real time :

- http://www.qobuz.com/ : why not now register to listen (and record...) 16bit-44.1kHz quality music in streaming ?

- and my 24bit-96kHz Flac files (player : foobar200)

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Built-in sampling rate converter automatically converts digital audio recorded at different sampling rates, such as the 48kHz data stream from a DAT recorder, to the 16-bit/44.1kHz CD standard when transferring data to disc. During CD-to-CD dubbing, the sampling rate converter is automatically bypassed for highest possible sound quality.

Cant wait to hear CD- MD :)

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Ok... Pham Cu will need a long time to read my mail. At least if something is getting wrong, I can give it back to him !

I let you read it, somebody maybe has some advise.

<< I have noticed some problems on your Marantz DR-6050. Maybe it is just some kind of learning phase tricks !

- after some hours of listening, sound get down and up or stop completely then sometimes restart, maybe because of they are non CD-R audio or a bad recording quality or the surface have scratches or is dirty;

- the left tray (CD recorder) is fussy and tricky : often he refused to open or suddendly open or even refused to close even if I turn off and on the CD player . And the problem is not solve easily. I noticed that if you listen a CD in the right tray then push stop then Cd-R under the right tray eventually the right tray will accept to open !

- the right tray does not seem to have problems except with some CD-R discs but it is perhaps because of they are non CD-R audio or a bad recording quality or the surface have scratches or is dirty.

Does your single-tray Marantz DR-6000 has such problems ?

I just change my wrapped 100 CD-Rs TDK with Maxell CD-Rs audio. They are accepted by the Marantz DR-6050. One good news ! It has taken some minutes to understand how to get sound from the PC and after success for sure the sound is too loud. One must use the ReplayGain plugin with foobar2000 player instead of getting the sound or the recording level down. And during my first record test (24bit-192kHz audio files source...) , the recording process stop completely after two tracks while foobar2000 was still playing music ! Now the CD-R audio inside and completely stuck if I don't "finalize" the recording ?? "Update" is the only thing I can see on the screen, nothing move. Then I decided to turn off the Marant DR-6050. The CD-R audio tray said "reading", "initializing" and then showed one track only. But the Marantz DR-6050 accepted finally to restart the recording, so it is what I am doing right now, a new recording on the same CD-R audio. Just Cross my fingers !

So what ? Maybe it is more sure to record first with a CD-RW audio and then transfer the final good track list to a CD-R audio. Recording from a PC sound source look difficult and risky. Long live the minidisc and... CD burning with the PC (no, don't hurt me) !

I did not see such CD-RW "audio" in 42 Huynh Thuc Khang street but maybe you can help me : 38222247/38211527/39141618.


Philippe >>

Gasp... Atfer 15', the recording is still working well BUT I don't see that the Marantz DR-6050 is creating new tracks after every songs. Strange as I use the Post-track silence with foobar2000, exactly as I do when I record a MD ! :dance:

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