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sonic stage won't create CDs - "device/media not connected"

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hi, i have a fresh installation of the latest sonic stage on my new dell laptop (windows 7 professional).

it does everything EXCEPT when i go to create an audio, atrac or mp3 CD it insists "device/media not connected".

yet it imports CDs from the same drive very happily, and other software (windows media player etc) can burn CDs without any problems.

is there a way to point SS to the hardware and make it recognise it? if i did a complete uninstall and re-install would that solve it?

thanks for your help, it's been a while since i came to the forum, it's great to know it's still going on, A.

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Sorry, not much help as I haven't tried this. May have a W7/64 (incidentally it nearly always turns out to be 64-bit Windows, not the move to V7, that is the problem in things relating to legacy software like SS) in my hands in a couple of weeks, and will be intrigued to see what happens.

There's a control layer called px20.sys (if I remember right) that is inserted by SS to do its dirty work. Perhaps it doesn't work in Window/64.

But there may be more subtle (and more simple) things at work. I recall there's a lot of spiel about W7 and Vista being drive-letter agnostic. Did you somehow turn off the drive letter recognition that SS is relying on? Just a random thought..... especially if there are other devices around.

Ahhhhhh.... this machine of yours doesn't happen to have a SSD??? (all flash memory, no hard disk). I have no clue what that does to the drive map. Maybe nothing, maybe a CD/DVD drive on C:? One way or another it sounds like SS needs to be introduced to your burner. There's supposed to be a procedure which is automatically entered by SS, which tests drive speed for audio EXTRACTION - perhaps doing that will set up the PX20 layer?

Just a few ideas. You'll have to mess around. No one has reported this as a bug yet (AFAIK) but that doesn't mean you did anything wrong, either.

Keep us informed of your progress, please.

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hi, thanks for replying. i've just done a complete re-install but have exactly the same problem. i wouldn't know how to turn drive letter recognition on or off so i doubt i managed it. the machine has a 150gb hard-drive though i often have an external drive and a few other bits'n'bobs attached. the routine for testing drive speed didn't come up this time, is there a way to start it deliberately? the help file didnt help, amazingly...

any other ideas? ta, A

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