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need some disks copied?

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hi, I have 3 minidisks, two are labelled, one might be blank. I no longer have the minidisk player, I have no idea what happened to it, we haven't touched these things for 10 years.

My husband recently died, and these disks have recordings of him playing music. I am looking for someone who could copy these to a thumb drive?

I would pay for services rendered. Thank you

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may you extract files from md and send to my by web?

i can register a cd and resend to you

best regards


I'd think the 'extract' part is the main problem as the original poster doesn't have any MD equipment. They'd want the 'full service' if I understand correctly, probably involving mailing/collecting the MDs and safely converitng the audio to some open format. There'd be some risk involved as the recordings would be especially valuable.

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