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Can't edit or open contacts after rooting/uninstalling apps

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I've rooted my Sony Live with Walkman. Everything seems to work fine, but I uninstalled some bloatware that I really don't need (like GMail, Facebook, Youtube, etc). Somehow, one of these made it so that I can't open contacts anymore. I go to the list and click a contact and nothing happens. If I long click, it will open the options and allow me to edit the contact. It just won't let me phone/message.

I have the favorites widget on one of the screens and the same thing happens there. I can add contacts, just nothing happens when I click them.

To call someone, I have to long click and select "Edit number before calling"

Anyone know what app removal might have caused this and how to fix this?

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You can't run Android without a gmail account (no access to updates via play store), effectively. For whatever the reason, that would be my first guess. Can you actually get into the playstore?

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