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HIMD Decks

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Onkyo also produced a couple of micro systems including Hi-MD and CD sections and a radio, the X-N7/N9 and B7/B8 bookshelf systems. Nothing too special in themselves (apart from the Hi-MD!), but they do allow the home user proper integration into the hi-fi set up or use as stand-alones. They occasionally pop up on eBay etc, and are quite pricey.

Nothing much from Sony I think, except the LAM-X1 micro.

The link to the Minidisc.org equipment browser is http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html

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As well as the x1, Sony also produced the (cmt, I think) ah10. A very weirdly designed bookshelf system - the necessary cabling is all attached to the speakers. CD 'jacket' sized main body looks nice though, available in black and white.

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