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[WTB]: Hi-MD Minidisc Player Case

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Happy New Year to everyone browsing the forum classifieds!

I have been a long-time browser of this site. I have been a minidisc user since 2004 with the purchase of the MZ-NF610, still my favorite NetMD model by far. I was saddened by Sony's decision to end minidisc production. It is still my favorite format for music precisely because there are moving parts and is mechanical. There are still actual buttons to press. One of the things I like most about minidiscs are the cases for the player--I have most of them and just need one to complete my collection. I am especially interested in the Hi-MD portable case (please see picture attached). Does anyone have one available for sale or know where I can purchase one?

I would prefer a new cases, but I am also willing to consider cases in like new condition. I am will entertain any reasonable offers and appreciate any responses!




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Your location?

My guess is 'not Australia' - postage overseas starts at 15 bucks:'( - so I'll probably have to keep mine for myself ;-)

Unless you really, really need to grab one from me.

I'm a notoriously slow (and occasionally noncommunicative) bugger though - so I'll apologise in advance!



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